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Just dropped off the Holter Monitor the clinic saddled me with for 48 hours. Will know in a week or so if anything came of the results. The background here is that my GP at my primary care provider heard my heart skip a beat during a routine blood pressure check almost two weeks ago. So after doing an onsite EKG (which came back with nothing irregular) they referred me to another clinic at the hospital to get the monitor fitted for a two-day observation. Well, now it's over and I don't have to worry about sensor leads popping out every time I go to the toilet or fall asleep.

Went to see The Goonies at Flix with my sister and her girls the other day, as the latest event in their FanFest series. Crazy to think that half of that cast went on to highly successful careers. Robert Davi and Joe Pantoliano certainly had careers beforehand but I think their best stuff came later. For Joe it had to be the iconic Cypher in The Matrix. And though I'm a bit biased against police and legal dramas, there's no denying that Davi did a hell of job on Profiler. Though I haven't seen much of Martha Plimpton over the years, she did have a pretty complex and compelling role as that of a Serial Killer on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Josh Brolin, of course, is enjoying a good run in comic book films as the voice of Thanos in the MCU and, now, as the iconic Cable in the Deadpool series. Corey Feldman, of course, had a decent run in a series of notable 80's films, not the least of which were Stand by Me, The Lost Boys and Dream a Little Dream. And as for Sean Astin, how can we say that Lord of the Rings isn't the pinnacle of his career...? No matter what he does for the rest of his life, people will inevitably come back to his contributions to one of the greatest cinematic adaptations of one of THEE most remarkable stores ever told. In fact, it was such an influential roll that I wanted to add a 'Mr. Frodo' or two at various places in dialogue when watching The Goonies.

So yeah, fun times. Flix likes to give away souvenirs as part of their FanFest events, which typically includes a monogrammed beer glass with a novelty ticket inside and a few other trinkets relevant to the film in question. For Back to the Future it was a 'Hill Valley Preservation Society' sticker. For Spaceballs it was a custom comb with the words 'We Ain't Found Shit' printed on it. And for The Goonies it was a sticker of One-Eyed Willie, an eye patch and a bite-size Baby Ruth.

In other news, Trump-tard and Evangelical moron John Schneider is bitching and moaning about having had to spend time in jail for non-payment of spousal support following a divorce. If you don't know who that is, he played Jonathan Kent in the first five seasons of Smallville and starred as Bo Duke in that 80's Redneck wet-dream that was Dukes of Hazzard. Decent actor but it's a shame he doesn't have the brains to make good political decisions.

His claim is that there is an anti-conservative bias in the court system and that's why he had to spend five hours of his prescribed three-day sentence behind bars. Putting aside for the moment that Conservative leaders EVERYWHERE are doing what they can to stack the legal deck against anyone who might vote against them, Schneider must not understand that when you contravene the law, you suffer the consequences. And in this case, he failed to make good on a lawful order from a recognized legal authority to remedy issues with the spousal support he agreed to in his divorce proceedings. At least I'm assuming he agreed to them. Reluctantly or not, there wouldn't have been a jail term if a court of law hadn't set a spousal support order.

Anyway, I'm not really surprised that 'Pa Kent' is playing this card. Evangelical christians have a bad time recognizing reality, in the first part, and play this pathetic persecution game all the time. When they experience push-back on their ridiculous beliefs, they claim to be victims of religious intolerance. When their business gets run out of town because they refuse to serve gay people, they claim persecution. When reasonable people call them out on the bigotry and racism they mask with their bibles, they claim infringement on their first amendment rights. The fact of the matter is that these people have a systemic bias against the notion that they have to treat everyone fairly under the law. Time and time again they cite the rule of law for this, that or the other thing in defense of their 'rights', yet when it comes time for them to treat other people fairly, under the law, or when they are made to suffer the consequences for contravening the law in the exercise of their bigotry, they pull the persecution card... I would laugh but I stopped finding this shit funny a LONG time ago.

These idiots think like children and need to be treated as such. Disregard them, marginalize them, whatever it takes. This kind of delusional thinking has no place in a reasonable society.

Lastly, I just want to remind everyone that the U.S. will suffer a net loss because of the Trump agenda. The things he is doing for his minuscule 'victories' - alienating our international partners, weakening our democratic institutions, eroding what little social cohesion we have left, allowing theocrats to eliminate legal protections against tyranny and undermining the health of our economy - will take decades to overcome. So what if he came to an 'agreement' with North Korea...? Anyone with a brain knows that the U.S. got nothing substantial out of it. So Kim promised to denuclearize...? So what... China and Russia are still there, as powerful as ever. And without strong military partnerships, what's to stop them from strutting their muscle...? Hmm...? Putin has Trump stuffed squarely in his man-purse and China owns so much of our debt that they could tank our economy if they chose to do so. Trump is an idiot and you're a dumb motherfucker if you voted for him.
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June 14, 2018