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We'll start with the good news. Went to Flix BH last week to see Spaceballs with my sister and her two girls. It was a rare chance to see a classic bit of satire on the big screen so I took it. Went and saw Avengers IW at the same just today. Epic film with a great cast but the resolution left something to be desired in terms of emotional impact. It's pretty hard to pull any kind of surprise twists when one knows how Disney is playing the long game with these films. Of course, now that they're pilfering the 20th Century Fox Marvel properties in their mouse-eared pop-culture-dictator pirate ship (with an eye toward incorporating those characters into the MCU) you know the inevitable 'reboot' film is coming. I don't know that such a move will dampen my enthusiasm for the Marvel Cine-verse but it's a cheap move none the less. And Disney has proven beyond a doubt that they are willing to do whatever it takes to pander to their shareholders and the bottom line. I refer you to the way they shit all over decades worth of compelling SW EU stories just to make it easier to produce THEIR sequels and related media...

But I digress...

On to the bad news. Firstly, I had a cold all last week so I've been coming down off of that. I'm presently at the 'stuffy nose/congestion/almost-done-murdering-boxes-of-tissues' stage but I expect to be completely over it by weeks end at the latest. Second, had some trouble getting my cholesterol meds refilled because of a bunch of red tape with the MCO (Branstad needs to pay horribly for this Medicaid Privatization bullshit...). Went down to two remaining pills before the mess got rectified. Lastly, found out today that the Psych nurse the clinic just hired IN FEBRUARY (to replace the one that left just last December) got a 30-day call up notice from the Army last week... So that means I'll have to wait for yet another undetermined amount of time for them to hire YET ANOTHER trained psych professional to look after my meds... It's hard enough having to build relationships with people but to have to do it ALL THE FUCKING TIME...? It makes me pretty cynical on the prospect of ever making something of therapy... :facepalm:

And now to the idiot news. All I will say about the article in the following link is that respect is something you have to earn. You don't get to demand it. And if you're a Idiotic Conservative Shitstick Trump-tard, you definitely don't deserve respect.

‘We want respect!’: Trump supporters whine that everyone mocks them in pity-soaked NPR interview
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