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Return of the Trixie

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Return of the great and powerful trixie! I feel she can be back anytime in season2 with some new power and more and take her revenge!
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She's one clever pony.
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AverageSmalltownGirlHobbyist General Artist
She is coming back this season. :) In a couple weeks she is coming back.
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SeptagonsHobbyist Photographer
This is cool but you shouldn't hate on Twi :( its not like she wanted to challenge Trixie in the first place. I like them both...opinion aside, its a cool drawing though :)
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I really do hope she comes back
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Invalid-DavidStudent Traditional Artist
I like it!
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I love the crystal ball :D
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micyfuzzyHobbyist Artisan Crafter
You know who else shud come back? Braeburn :D
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Twilight, "Let, me, GO!!!"
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sodomitorHobbyist Writer
Now, now, Twilight Sparkle. Do you honestly think that just because you're Element of Magic and stronger than Trixie, she can't subdue you? In magic duels, power means nothing. One right binging spell, and you can't escape before I'll release you, and believe when Trixie says that she will not release you soon.
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"I still have something you don't have and until you do you'll never realize the element of magic to it's full potential."

"Oh? What's that?"

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sodomitorHobbyist Writer
"Silly, silly Twilight... you think just because Trixie came to your town alone, she didn't have friends? It ever occured to you that Trixie merely travels alone sometimes?"

"You mean you do have...?"

"Why, of course. You're so quick to judge, Twilight. Your ponyvillians destroyed my wagon, my posessions, I fled town without single bit with me... and somehow returned with powers to capture you, new wagon to put you into and scrolls that not even you seen before. Care to use that famous brains of yours?"
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(Okay, I dread this degrading into a reverse post war, so I'm going to nip it in the bud right here)
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SeraphicRose14Hobbyist Digital Artist
she definitely needs to come back!
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wow this is awesome and of course Trixie can take her revenge...just give her time XD
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Legit101Hobbyist General Artist
Looks great!
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Mr-TalismanHobbyist Digital Artist
That is way too awesome! Great job on the G&PT!

And it would be so awesome to see her return in Season 2. There's a lot of potential there.
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It would be nice to see Trixie again, there should be a showdown between her and Twilight Sparkle!
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redphienixHobbyist Writer

I really want more Trixie.
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YES!!! YES!!! :iconbisonplz:
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This pic is awsome in so many way s ;D
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joeyh3Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope she makes a return - that would be awesome!

Very nice picture!
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Yeah, I hope she comes back.

But I also hope that Twilight Sparkle isn't in the episode that she comes back in.
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sodomitorHobbyist Writer
I hope she'll be replacement for Twilight, so manecast can see her incredible magical abilities and expirience with spells.
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