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Glitchmons #2 : MissingNo by Corrupted-Hex Glitchmons #2 : MissingNo by Corrupted-Hex
Name: MissingNo/Ketsuban.
Evolution Line:  Into MissingNo. From MissingNo, after reaching a certain level, it will evolve into a regular, stable pokemon; one with very low Index Numbers. 
Hybrid of: N/A. MissingNo is a placeholder, meaning much of it's data is garbage.
Stability: Unpredictable. Will corrupt the graphical data temporarily, and permanently corrupt Hall Of Fame Data. It will also bring up the number of Items in the player's bag to 128. These effects are guaranteed. In Yellow version, it still has these effects, but is far more volatile. From what I can gather, it hasn't ever corrupted saved data, but WILL crash the game from time to time. To be caught, the player may have to endure 7-13 minutes of MissingNo's "True Cry", which consists mostly of garbled code. This could be code for areas of the game's memory being called on incorrectly, and processed through sound.

This glitch Pokemon is mostly harmless, and has very few dangerous effects to the game in Red/Blue. This is one of the only glitch Pokemon that can be caught in the wild through means other than The Mew Glitch. It has roughly 5 forms; Regular, Fossil Areodactyl, Fossil Kabutops, The Lavender Town Ghost, and the various sprites of the Yellow Version MissingNo. 
This Glitch Pokemon is very different to others, as it is not unintentional. When a wild battle starts, and no data can be found, the game calls upon MissingNo, which prevents the game from crashing. The types and moves for this Pokemon are most likely garbage though.

Please do not attempt to go after this Pokemon on a saved file you care about, as it is likely to be altered in some way.

This was a fun one! Hope y'all like!
Zeusthefox Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Id love a chance tobring up missingno in. Future pokemon game.
ShadowXConspiracy Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
awesome and badass
DarkeningSouls Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That thing looks awesome ^^
Can i keep it as a pet? xD
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