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By CorranFett
Yeah, was a little longer absence than expected, but hey, I'm back again. ;P

I read a really amazing novel on vacation, "The Gun Seller" by Hugh Laurie. House... err Laurie's writing style is incredibly delightful, it was so fun to read. He expertly combines great, witty humor with suspense and compelling storytelling--just read the first two pages, and you don't wanna lay down the book again. It's about Thomas Lang, an ex-military freelancing sort-of mercenary, who gets pitted between different Intelligence Agencies and the military-industrial complex just because he adheres to his moral code when he doesn't want to do a job that involves assassination and instead chooses to warn the intended target. The way the story unfolds is always a little confusing at first, you always want to find out why and what happens next, but at it progresses, everything starts to make sense. Even to the point where Lang ends up on the roof of an embassy, among terrorists and The Gun Seller. I don't think any description really does the book justice, but if you're even remotely into the genre of spy-stuff, I can only recommend you to check it out at the bookstore, or read the first few pages on Amazon. I rarely managed to put the book down, as it was so great to read Lang's often self-ironic perspective on things (it's written in the 1st person perspective), and overall the way Hugh Laurie writes and builds up plot and suspense. Definitely one of the best novels I've read in a while, a very fresh and different book from all the mainstream thrillers.

At times, this style reminded me of some very impressive Star Wars fanfics, such as The_Face's Galaxy Noir stories, and Quiet_Mandalorian's Have Blaster, Will Travel (both from TheForce.Net Fan Fiction forums, both absolutely worth checking out). This kind of storytelling is right up my alley, I guess.

Also, I finally took some time to catch up with the KotOR comics (from 31-40), and let me suffice to say that I'm blown away. The way John Jackson Miller tied up all the strings from the whole KotOR Covenant stories in Vindication was impressive, and the revelation that it would be Draay, not Haazen, who will become Sion, was plain awesome. And Gryph was just great, too, being all in awe at that expertly pulled-off "long con". And speaking of cons, I can't wait to see what expert scam "Mastermind" pulls off next. Also, it was great to see some development on the Jarael and Rohlan stories, how Jarael suddenly turns out to be Force sensitive and Rohlan gets a chance to clear his image as a dangerous Mandalorian by becoming a successful swoop-duelist. :D
To be honest, I often couldn't really relate to the whole Covenant arc in previous issues of KotOR, I never really knew what to do with them, being more interested in what Zayne and his motley crew did. Of course, it is all linked, and the finale in Vindication finally made me realize that, and also grasp what that Covenant stuff was all about. That, in my opinion, really is masterful storytelling, it felt just like when you found out who Tyler Durden really was in Fight Club, or came to know Atlas's true identity in Bioshock. Or, to stay in the comic sector, you can even compare it with Adrian Veidt's plan for world-wide piece in Watchmen, what at first seemed abstract but actually made a lot of sense once you finished the last comic. It's the same thing with the KotOR storyline, and JJM did a great job with illustrating the impact of Haazen's "long con", and I'm still in awe how suddenly everything made sense. I'm even considering to re-read the first 30 issues now, to put it all into new context, as that is what it does, just like Fight Club, Bioshock and Watchmen. My only complaint would be that it actually took a long 30 issues to reach that point, but then again, it's been such a long time since I last read KotOR, maybe it's just because I forgot some things. And then again, this being a "long con", shortening it wouldn't really do it justice, now would it? ;P

Okay, so much for book reviews from me...

But, to stay in the writing business, let me give you a little update on When Few Stood Against Many, my attempt to create some sort-of compelling story of my own. I finally managed to overcome a nearly year-long-lasting writer's block. Writing is coming along quite well right now, expect the next chapter(s) in the next few weeks. ;)

As for the micros, I haven't done anything for them in the last few weeks, to be honest. Busy with writing and stuff, you know. ;P But don't lose hope, you'll eventually see Jiriad, Ara and Atross some time. ;)

Oh, and one last thing. I joined a group of photographers, called Gravity-Killz, which focuses on photography of extreme sports, such as skating and BMX driving. Be sure to check it out!


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I really loved "The Gun Seller" as well, reminded me of some other book by some other guy... I know, I suck at remembering stuff I liked, but anyway, Hugh Laurie is a surprisingly good author.
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I've been interested in Hugh Laurie for a while now and even though House MD is one of my favorite shows lately I loved his part in Street Kings and he seems like the multi-talented type (great musician as well).

I shall have a go at the Gun Seller as soon as I got time!
StormWo1f's avatar
It is a real shame that most people only know Hugh Laurie for that House show, and not for some of his other great works, especially black adder, one of my favorites.
CorranFett's avatar
I have to admit that it was House were I first got to know Laurie, but it is a great show. Still, Fry and Laurie and Black Adder are on my must-watch list... I am a big fan of British comedy, after all, especially Monty Python.

I absolutely can't wait for the sequel to Gun Seller, Paper Soldier. Hugh Laurie also has been working on the script for a movie adaption of The Gun Seller, but that has been put on hiatus in 2001 because of 9/11, and the book does feature terrorists, after all.
SpectorKnight's avatar
Great to hear you're keeping yourself busy. I didn't know that Hugh Laurie also wrote. I may have to look into that book. Also it's great that you're keeping up with KOTOR. Even though Zayne has been vindicated and that part of the storyline is over, I have a feeling that the best is yet to come. [link]
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Yeah, you definitely should check that book out. I think you'll like it. ;)

And that description of #42 sure sounds intriguing. And the cover, which just rocks. :horns: Benjamin Carre should definitely do more SW stuff. It's a pity they got an all-new artist for the interior art of that comic, although Zayne and Malak look fairly okay. [link] Just not Jarael and Rohlan: [link]
SpectorKnight's avatar
I'm actually looking forward to seeing the art. Dustin Weaver and Brian Ching are the best, but this new artist's style looks rather cool.
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