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By CorranFett
Thought it was about time to update my journal.

Some of you may have noticed, but after months of absence from DA, I've returned some few weeks ago. :shh:

I'm starting to get the hang of things again. Browsing DA is always fun, and so is doing new stuff myself. So, be sure to expect more activity from me in the future... both new and old stuff (from the last few months). For those who happen to be interested how WFSAM will go on... don't lose faith, people, I'm actually working on it. ;P

Something new that you have already seen is my photography. I like taking photos, and I love working with Photoshop, so it comes natural for me to combine the two. And I finally decided to share that here on DA as well.

The other thing are the micros. It's :iconzeroresolution: and :iconspectorknight: (check out their galleries!) who inspired me to do some mini versions of my OCs. Here's a little project list:

    Gladus Tite - small version done, appropriately scaled version to come in the future Ayden Stone - 90 % done; needs weaponry Ronan Barec - 85% done; needs final color scheme and markings, camo poncho Altair Jiriad - 0%, Vong imitation armor---to come Atross - 0%, Togorian in custom Mando armor---to come Ara Norvath - 0%, female Mando---to come Salem Rios - 0%, Feeorin Galactic Alliance officier---to come maybe others will come, too

I guess that's it in terms of updates. Everyone keep up the great work, cheerio. :D

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Delta2094's avatar
Welcome back D.
Pheonix023's avatar haven't updated your journal in EONS....

Oh dear lord...How many messages did you have? I'm guessing a lot...
CorranFett's avatar
Yeah, well, never was much of a journal-writer, anyway... ;P

Actually, messages were kept to a minimum, since with the lack of activity from me, it seems my stuff also got less popular. ^^
Pheonix023's avatar
*laughs* See, when I leave for the weekend, I usually come back with bout 100ish deviations to look at...
CorranFett's avatar
Ahh... well, I thought you meant messages as in comments, replies and notes. :doh: Sure, the new deviations were aplenty... ;P
Pheonix023's avatar
*laughs* yeah, comments are always low when you aren't around...
ZEROresolution's avatar
I look forward to see your next micro. :D
CorranFett's avatar
Me too. ;P I might be quite a while, though, since for the next few days, I'm swamped with work for school...
ZEROresolution's avatar
Sorry to here that, I'm never swamped with work for school. ;p
CorranFett's avatar
Ach. Are you also being homeschooled?^^ Then that kinda figures... ;P
Tercado's avatar
Welcome back! I was wondering where you went off to!
CorranFett's avatar
Thanks. Well, RL kept me busy... ;P
SpectorKnight's avatar
Cool to hear your progress report. I look forward to more of your work.
Gourtoxin's avatar
Welcome back. Glad to see the return of a fellow Mando fan.
CorranFett's avatar
Thanks. :) Sorry, but I don't happen to remember you... :blush:
Gourtoxin's avatar
:lol: Most people wouldn't I'm pretty new here. I'm a :ninja:
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