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Viva la Revolucion

Did this a few months ago. I was editing a "self-portrait" of me in Photoshop when by chance, I got a high-contrast b/w effect. It reminded me of that famous Che Guevara photo, so I redid it in Illustrator, added the hat and a red background.

Guess this counts as some kind of digital stencil art, eh? ;P

Here's the initial photo for comparison.
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Looking good there if I do say so myself! This is a very cool idea, you should print it on canvas :D really effective.
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My hair gets like that when it's longer too. :D

Nice pic, BTW.
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Do mine eyes decive me, or did you grow a beard?

Looks awesome BTW...
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Hehe, thanks. :D

Yeah, I do like keeping a short goatee, although if you compare it to the linked photo, you don't see much of it there. ;P The beard on the manip mainly comes from the shadows under the chin, though it roughly reflects the actual length the beard has right now. ;)
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*laughs* your hair is meeeeeeeee-ssy....
CorranFett's avatar
Well, that's one of the "qualities" of unkempt, unruly curly hair....
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There is a special word we use for that...."playable."
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As in "hair you can play with"? ;P
Pheonix023's avatar
Pretty much yeah :D
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