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Skate 1 - Caught in Mid Air

By CorranFett
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First of a bunch of skate photos.

Last week, my father gave me his EOS 350D so that I could take a few snapshots of two of my buddies skating. It was quite fun for all of us. :D I can't skate myself, but doing photos of the cool tricks my friends perform is a cool thing for sure.

I only did some post work with Photoshop on the colors and contrast of the photos.

Please don't use this without my permission.
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Oya, ner vod!

May I borrow the pose for a sketch thingy for my AP art class? I've been looking for inspiration and this is it. Also if I could use the pose from Skate-7 as a ref too I would worship you forever. X3

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Sure thing, go ahead. It's not like I own the pose or anything. ;)

As long as someone is inspired, that's a big success. :D
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Just wanted to be sure. Some people really freak out if you use their photos at all without consulting them first.
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These are cool...

I wish I could skate...never even owned a board though.
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Yeah, same here. My brother does also skate, but I'm no good at it... ;P

Thanks, anyway, glad you like them. :)
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Nice photo. Really captures the energy of the moment.
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Heh, thanks. :D Yeah, it's one of the most dynamic shots... keep an eye out for more ;)
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