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Ronan Barec - color test



Lineart by ~Kuk-Man :iconkuk-man:

Colors by me, ~CorranFett :iconcorranfett:


Part of a project on Ronan Barec, my main OC, ~Kuk-Man and I are working on. This isn't meant as a fully sophisticated coloring, it is merely a rough thing to test out Ronan's color scheme and symbol layout. These are pretty much the tones I'm going for for his new armor, we only got to pin down the marking scheme now.

Kuk did me the great favor of giving technical advice as well as artistic support on working out the details of Ronan's new set of armor. You'll see more of this in the weeks to come (hopefully^^), but for now, check this profile on Ronan, including an in-depth description of his armor at the linked sites.

Like Gladus Tite and Ayden Stone, Ronan Barec is one of my Mandalorians OCs (Original Characters) from my SW NJO-era fanfiction series Rage of the Shadow Warriors, a sniper with special forces background. He is my main character in the series.

Check this journal entry to see all the art and illustrations around RotSW: [link]

This artwork is intellectual property of ~Kuk-Man, and Rage of the Shadow Warriors, its characters, and settings are intellectual property of me, ~CorranFett. Neither the artwork nor the content may be used without his or my explicit permission.
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Great Beskar'gam! I read Honor Guard and it was pretty good. On, could you tell me how it was? I need to re-edit the old one, and put those on it. And Keep up the good work. Kandosii, ner vod, Kandosii.