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Ayden Stone, Mando Gunslinger



Pencils by *Kuk-Man :iconkuk-man:

Inks and Colors by me, ~CorranFett :iconcorranfett:


Ayden Stone, Mandalorian Supercommando.

Like Gladus Tite, Ayden Stone is one of my Mandalorians OCs (Original Characters) from my SW NJO-era fanfiction series Rage of the Shadow Warriors, and he's some sort of wisecracking allrounder with a bias for old slugthrowers. :D

I'm pretty content on the colors themselves, I might only do another background. This was just a quick one.

I used the awesome custom Mando armor of slavefive from TDH for inspiration for the colorscheme. Here's a shot of his ori'kandosii beskar'gam: [link]

1) Sketch by Kuk-Man
2) Inks by me
3) Colors by me
EDIT 10/19/07:
Small revision, a little improved background and a more battle-worn armor.
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Voice and played by the one and only Bruce Campbell.