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Altair Jiriad - Micro Hero WIP



Ta-daaa! Here is Mandalorian commando Altair Jiriad in his glorious vongyc beskar'gam. That's right, he forged himself a set of Mandalorian armor to resemble that of a Yuuzhan Vong - you know, those spiked armors that are actually living Vonduun crabs? Whenever a Vong sees Jiriad in this armor, he's likely to boil up in rage because of this "heresy" - remember the Yuuzhan Vong Hunter Droids? Same idea.^^

There are still a few things unfinished, but this is basically how he looks like. Mostly created from scratch, took some official images of Yuuzhan Vong and Darth Krayt as reference here, and tried to combine it with a Mando look. The custom helmet design is inspired by the awesome supercommando helmet Marrow Sun on created, the same helmet that is used by Novall Talon in MandoMercs. I chose this design because it looks a little skull-like, which helps the whole concept of Vong imitation.

One small detail, which can't really be noticed in this scale, is that his chest diamond (the middle piece of the breastplates) is too small and white, unlike the rest of the armor. That's because Jiriad replaced his diamond with that of his deceased son, Skira, as a constant memory. Also, some parts are supposed to be pure metal, not textured with that crusty surface to resemble the Vonduun crab shells, that really stand out from the armor imitation and make any Vong go mad.

For the hair I edited a template of dreadlocks, made them a little shorter. Also, I added Jiriad's black Kiffar tattoos, but especially the star-like pattern around his right eye doesn't come off that well on this scale. Also, in the helmeted version, his hair is braided and looks out of the helmet, and I even added the hair from some Vong scalps.

next up: Atross, a Togorian in custom Mando armor :D
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