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I continue my new In the Closet video series with this latest on the Season 6 finale of MLP.  So what did I really think?

This finale shat all over the ponies I've grown to love over the last six years, and was a truly fitting end to the travesty that was season 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship Was Magic.  

OK, maybe it wasn't that bad, but I wasn't a huge fan, tbh.  Though on its own it was arguably a good episode, I just can't help but see it as a sign that the mane six are on the decline.  It's more than just "muh waifu twiley"; none of the ponies had any instrumental part to play in this episode.  It's really the first ep since numero 100 to feature background characters.  SO WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN???



Thumbnail: Thumbnail for The End of FiM As We Know It by CorpulentBrony Script: Script for The End of FiM As We Know Itwe met under a nightmare moon, as the mysterious mare in the moon descended to earth. we all became friends and saved the day from eternal night, reuniting our princess with her long lost sister.  together with twilight sparkle, mother faust showed us that, as corny as it may sound, friendship might actually be magical.
and that magic culminated in the best night ever, where we realized that the best laid plans of mice and ponies often go awry, but sometimes for the best.  as long as we're together.
we met again to save equestria from the wiles of a chaotic demon.  though at first discouraged, we witness Twilight inspiring her friends to hope again, thus bringing about a return of harmony.
we then gathered with a reluctant Twilight to witness the wedding of her (unbeknownst to us) brother with the literal princess of love.  of course, this canterlot wedding was a sham, and though Twilight and her friends fought courageously to fend off the evil changelings, in the e

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October 27, 2016


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