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It's almost been a year since I made this group.  And I think it's time for some activities since my group has so many Undertale fans.
First of all, I want to thank the over 250+ members. :)
Well, I need your help,  I need some contributors.  
I need someone to help me with some things.  Such as check for stolen art, and make sure everything is in the right folder and to award the prize to the winner of a contest, because I want to make contests,, but I have nothing to offer to winners, just stories. I also need someone to help me make this group even bigger and keep this group alive..
So would anyone like to be an contributors?
All you need is to be a contributors is just to know where all the art should go in the group folders and be prepared for some responsibilities.
So if you want to be an contributors just comment on this journal and say why you want to be an contributors, I want to trust those who really want to help.
Thank you for your time to reading this.
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This is a Ducktales 2017 Fiction, with my Au kinda mixed in. This is also cross posted in amino, and quotev.

(((Extra Pre-Noting = The art used for the chapters is not mine, and unless I claim an image, they belong to their respective owners)))


(( Authors Notes - Hello there and here I am to pester all of you! AGAIN! I am here with another story, being as I have recently gotten into DuckTales (2017) version. Some of the other things I have been doing are going to be hitting a small stop here for a while so I can work on this. Please do keep in mind that I am actually new to this fandom, and that I may get quite a few things wrong in here. I will also be doing some of the following -

- This might end up turning into some kind of AU or something

- Some of the other things in here are not going to be accurate. 

- I will have fan-made bad-guys in here to spice it up.

- Webby and the others will most certainly be a little OOC (or maybe a lot)

- The main character in here is Dewey, if you have not gathered that already.

- Some of the other characters in here may be OOC.

- I do generally curse, so more than likely i will squeeze profanity in here.

- This takes place when they are all 14, so this is most likely an AU kind of thing like I mentioned before.

- This is continuing the story from after Huey and Louie discover that Dewey was hiding information on their mother. 

- All of them are indeed going to school

- All of this that you looked at right now was most likely me stalling to think on more ideas for the fanfiction. 

- Are you all bored yet?

- Bored now?

- Do you really mean to tell me you are all still there?

- Ok then, this cringe worthy fanfiction is all your fault for reading, not mine.



Time was never nice to those who have committed crimes, as little or large as the crime was, nobody likes a liar. The harsh and blunt truth that reality tended to spew was always twisted in some way to make it suit other peoples own deceptions. 

Dewey had felt victimized by how he had committed such a shameless crime, and on top of that he had tried to talk his way around his reveal. "You kept a secret about mom? That is not okay..." under all of the situational by-standings, what was the adventurous duck supposed to say? He wasn't about to let the evidence of their mothers very existence get burned to a flowing crisp; but on the other hand, was it bad that he wished he did? 

Della the Duck, his mother, THEIR mother. He had the right intentions to try and keep the others safe. However, maybe what he felt was something more for any kind of sizzling, self-sufficient needs he had burrowed deep within his brain. 

"You are only sorry because you got caught!" was all of that really true? No! That was all utter craziness, everything that they thought, it was all a lie too. Just stress, just anger and betrayal. Everything that set someone up for failure in the end. 

The years are always harsh on someone who had angered time, and time was angered by the actions that had been committed in the past. So why? Why bother dragging all of this into the future, bringing it forth and pulling it through the mud of most rainy days to further extend the shame of the unforgiving and the un-forgiven.

Four years of trying, and failing. the blue-clad duck had repeatedly tried to rebuild the trust he had lost. Everything that went out the windows on that cursed day that he was forced to remember for the last 1460 plus days of his life. Ten minutes of a confrontation and however long before that of keeping it hidden. 

Everything was always falling apart. 

As time went on, he strives heedlessly to get his brothers back to the way they were, knowing it was futile, that it was all a hopelessly ignored down-to-earth fantasy that was not in any way achievable. 

 So many of his attempts were running into a rusting steel wall that had pinned up against his existence. So may times has he thought on the world and how it would turn just a little bit faster without him. Strains on his family that would not have been if he had never lied. If he had never hatched from that egg 14 years ago.

Thoughts like that were not healthy for any kind of child, be it young or a growing teen, something was never better, nothing was the worst. 

Alone, was asking for a calamity.


More time passes so slowly for Dewey Duck, sitting in his room as he continued to stare at the ceiling of his empty room. He used to share a room with the other two, however, they moved all of their stuff from the room, too disgusted with him to even want to be bedrooms close to each other. 

Thus, the now teenage duck was in a lonely hallway to wallow in his shame. Currently there to recall the times he had with his siblings before everything fell out the bottom and to nowhere. Every movement felt as if he were trying to step on a lot of tacks, intentionally missing the floor to feel the sharp pains.

Loneliness takes a toll, and in this case, it had become a journal that the young duck boy kept on him at all times. Heh, something Huey might have done, that nerd... being Huey they way that he was. Everything that made him the red clad sibling of the group. The things that made him unique and different from the other two siblings. 

Uniqueness. that was one of the things he lacked, it was his uniqueness. Something that Dewey had always tried to attain to make sure that he was able to stick out from the rest of them. To ensure that people knew who he was, and could recognize him by his name and know how great he had become!

'You were just trying to keep it to yourself that way you could feel special!' yeah, more than likely that was the reason, after all, he certainly did feel self-centered now. 

After all, if nobody was going to talk to him, he might as well keep himself company, right? With that, Dewey turns to his trusted journal, jotting everything down that he was thinking for the day. 

September 6th, 20017

Hello again, journal... thing. I am here to bring the events of my life to you, in hopes that it will make me feel like I have someone who wants to listen to me after all this time. Though I would guess that Huey might have held a better conversation than me most the time...

However, I guess I cannot be too sure on how much you want to hear from me either, after all I seem to be a pain in the tail-feathers everywhere I go. Huey and Louie still do not want to talk to me (by which I really cannot blame them) and Uncle Scrooge and Donald are both very disappointed in me for how I kept such a detail away from everyone for so long. 

Nobody even wants to come near me still, as I have told you many times. Still avoiding me after these long 4 years. A few days ago when I was celebrating my birthday, nobody except for Webby and Mrs. Beakley showed up to watch me blow out my candles and make my 14th birthday wish. 

Everything I have done has been a disappointment, and others make sure that I know it really well. That I know all of this mess is my fault. I thought I was trying to keep my brothers safe when I was not telling them what I learned about mother... however, maybe Huey was right. I was only being selfish and thinking on myself, nobody else. 

All of that was probably so I would convince myself not to feel as bad for lying to them, or myself. Slapping the  title of a noble cause over it to make myself think that it is a real hero I am. All I ever do is lie and try to convince myself that I am a good person... but.. what... what if I am not? Everything is so vague.

Whenever I am at school, there are others whispering about me behind my back, I know that Louie is telling others to be cautious of me. Saying that he wants them to be cautious. However I am starting to think that he is doing it to simply get back at me. 

Nobody wants to be my friend, they all avoid me, and say that I am bad luck. Why am I here? I was talking to Scrooge and he told me that I was going to continue to face my punishment for what I have done. 

It is late now though, so I guess Ill give you one more goodbye to keep within the pages. 

-Dewey Duck


Awakening for the day, the light crept into the darkened room. Rays of transparent yellow hitting moderate colored blue sheets with a single lighter stripe going down the center to divide the long cloth into thirds. Light chirps of birds were heard from the outside of a tightly sealed window. Curtains were pulled aside to let the light color drown itself into the room with a complimentary flow. 

Not much longer, the alarm that was set aside went off, a lively song playing from the alarm on his phone he had sat three years ago. Usually, someone like him might have actually jammed out to it, however, he long since silenced such the habit and stopped. Now waking up with a grudge and a chip on his shoulder as he avoided anyone on his way out to go to the bathroom. 

Both Uncle Donald and Grand Uncle Scrooge were also in hot water with the boys, however, Dewey had been the most forgiving. Nobody talked to each other anymore, save for the time Mrs. Beakley and Webby would spare for the blue clad duck. 

Making his way past the bathroom, Dewey went to put his nights homework in his backpack, and takes a small package out of the blue schemed bag. As he head over to the other wing of the mansion, he writes his brothers names on the package, being as they would most likely not take it on the day of the celebrations for the birthday. 

He woke up early after all, to make sure sometimes that he was not going to bother his siblings. Most days there was someone walking around like that weird pilot  man that was always getting into trouble. Then there was Gyro, he was always in a mood due to his robots going AWOL. Nothing worked out for that poor guy. 

Opening the door, Dewey went out into the light produced by the seemingly endless sun that was beating down on him. At lest there were some clouds though, something that he was happy for. It was going to be a very long walk after all. He didn't need to take a bus and bother his brothers more, though he wanted to be with them and make amends.

The trek down the street was longer and more boring. The middle aged brother was thinking on what he had been able to do with his brothers in the past. If they ever woke up earlier, the boys would always go to the arcade that would let them try to get a game or two in before they had to go to what the boys would refer to as prison. 

Half an hour later, Dewey was at the school, where almost none of the teachers and students were not there. The halls were barren and the announcing speaker was rarely giving the low static sound of the olden wires were crossed. 

"Hey look, its the liar the lives with Scrooge in his Mansion! What a spoiled little kid!" 

" I heard he lied to his brothers about their mother and had some information on her! How bad is that? I mean, really!" 

Great, leave it to the snooty kids to be the ones he is stuck going to school with all of the worse gossipers so early in the morning. Why me of all people? I deserve this too, don't I? Mom.. was my lie about that really that bad? I swore I was doing it for them... I swear...

'No you weren't.' 

Yes, I was... I was trying to keep them safe. I was trying to make sure they did not run into any trouble due to the information I learned. 

'You really need to stop lying to yourself, you know? All you ever do is lie and you know it. You keep spewing more lies to convince yourself that you are not guilty. You know it.'

That is a lie! 

'If you say so, but remember, nobody likes a liar. Not even a liar himself.'

Icon - Huey, Dewey, and Louie ((To be continued))Icon - Huey, Dewey, and Louie 


Hello, so; recently I have been trying to come up with other art that is not part of a western cartoon or a video game fandom. Recently, I have been working on a Boku no Hero Academia fan work. 

In all honesty, I think it is pretty bad, and I will continue to redraw it. Until I am happy with it that is. 

Somehow, I also have a drawing tablet now, and it is indubitably hard to draw with or on. I really am having a hard time, here I thought it was going to be easy, LMAO, but nope. Nadda. 

So if you see something that is somehow WORSE that what I am drawing with, or on, than most likely that will be the reason. 

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day. I am hoping to get back into Lego Ninjago, and start my Undertale Comic soon too. 

Stay cool, and have fun, 

Barrier Sans - Reference Sheet (More Info in Desc)
-=-=-=-=-=- Character Analysis -=-=-=-=-=-=-

Character Type - Sans the Skeleton
Character Game - Undertale AU Skeleton
Character AU/ Universe Name - None
Character Position - The Guard/Protector of Heiden AU's in the comic 'Behind a Broken Barrier' 

`-`-`-`-` Character Personal Information `-``-`-`-`

Name: Barrier Sans, Barrier

Nickname's: None that are currently known
Creator: (DeviantArt - Corpsetalia-Fan / HeidenShayde - Youtube / HeidenShayde, Me Gusta el Gato, Sunset Chances, Dinner Sinner - Amino) ((They are all me, Just the many different names I have in amino)

Height: Undefined, Assumed to be a bit under 6 feet tall.

Main Colors: He is mainly purple and normal other bone colors.

Soul: His soul is actually not on his chest, where the heart shape in on his chest. 

Personality: Barrier is one who loves to look after the ones that are supposed to be inside of his barriers. He seems to try to be expressionless or neutral to whatever is happening, though sometimes he fails. Other times, he is mostly more apprehensive and skeptical. Other times, he is friendly, but it depends on who with, after all, he has limited exposure to other Sans, or anyone else. However, the skeletons that he protects are not aware that they are even in a barrier. The only few that know about him are Luimire, Parallel and Suiriyo. 

His Dislikes are mainly any threat to what he is protecting, and he does his best to follow through on his job. In fact, there is very few things that actually make him upset. For some reason, he strongly dislikes the sound of bones being scraped against forks, like teeth when someone is eating.

Fun Fast Facts 

- The heart on his chest goes right side up, or upside down based on the time of day. Or power levels. 
- His soul is not the heart shape that is on on his chest, his soul actually manifests in his hands that his power summons. 
- His power seems to be limited, though he can have more power, he never is able to control it. So he has his powers contained.
- He does not use bone attacks or gaster blasters
- He only has 3 fingers, and his thumb, there is no pinkie. (There is also no real reason as to why, it is just the way it is.)
- Being as he is a skeleton, naturally there is no need for food or sleep.
- As some see, he is made of bones, and a clear flat thing that makes up his chest. However, both his 'bones' and his purple body are made from colored crystal glass. Very hard to cause any damage to. 
- He is half blind, via his missing eye. 
- He LOVES his job to no end. 
- He actually used to have a mouth, but it was damaged beyond repair and had to be replaced. His current jaw was not the replacement. It is something he had to use after his replacement jaw was causing him too much pain. 
- He has memories of himself before he came into existence. So, he had memories he has not lived, but remembers living them. 

(( that is all for now, currently, I am working on reference sheets for my other characters, and some other art, so maybe this will be a little better. ))


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Most of the stuff i do will likely by darker stuff or things that have no morals what so ever. I hope I can improve and do somethings great, one of these days...


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