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Super Paper Mario: Dimentio

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This is a first time drawing my favourite Mario villian, Dimentio! I started to listen to the "Ultimate Show" and I couldn't help but to draw him! I had to experiment with him since I tried to do perspective but at the same time I had to work with a flat character.

Made with Clip Studio Paint EX

Art created/owned by Me 
Dimentio is owned by Nintendo
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Dimentio: Outstanding, Beautiful! You my friend might be my favorite out of this human race! Amazing detail. Oops.. looks like Luigi's coming... ta-ta for now CorpseSyndrome...

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Hell Yes. I love Super Paper Mario. You always do such a great job with your art. :D

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He'z dah jokah baybee!

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yes yes yes yes yes yes.

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super paper mario is the best mario game ever, fight me

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And now imagine if Dimentio Jevil And Marx had a meeting for evil plana
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Oi! It's Dimentio! The true villian!

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The true final boss in Super Paper Mario!!! I am crazy for this game!!

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A flat character from a different perspective, huh? Looks great to me!

And goddamn, I miss this dimension-crazy clown!

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Gorgeous. I never thought I'd see the day... maybe you could make a fan game about Dimentio? I dunno. You don't have to, but we never seen him from Nintendo since SPM.
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oh my god he's beautiful ;o; you did a good job at your first try!

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