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(Mario) The Music Box Anniversary III

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Another year since I have created (Mario) The Music Box. It feels so long since I started working on it since 2014. All these years I had to cope with depression and PTSD from an incident which occurred when I was younger. I started to develop this game as a way to cope with my inner demons. I had no one at the time, and I was alone for so many years dealing with these horrific demons. Just remember, no matter how bad it gets there's always a way out. Even if it takes blood, sweat, and tears to climb out of that hell hole. There's always help out there and don't be afraid to take it when you can. Find ways to vent your sadness, anxiety, or anger. Don't just let it dwell inside you. I'd like to thank everybody who has supported (Mario) The Music Box all these years. Especially my husband who had help me develop this game as well as guide me out through the darkness.

Don't let Alice take over your life.

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Hey in MTMB (Original) there is a bug in the part when Alice posses Mario and tries to kill luigi in the abandoned mine. The force of the bar is mighty. It's IMPOSSIBLE to pass.

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wohoooo that was a fun ride now lets go for more years

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You seem to like drawing more than producing... do you?

Also happy 3rd Anniversary.

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Sorry for being late.Happy 3rd Anniversary Mario The Music Box!

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happy 3rd anniversary to Mario the music box

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Happy 3rd Anniversary Mario The Music Box!!

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I Just Want To Say Happy Anniversary To Mario The Music Box As Well. How's It Been Going So Far??
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Happy 3rd Anniversary Mario The Music Box!

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Also, happy anniversary!!

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Whoa! Nice! (I really want to play this, but I don’t have a computer of my own, and I’m not sure I can do it because of my mom and dad :’)

i would describe this game as it was created from the darkest demons of the soul... and I’ll try to make sure Alice doesn’t take over my life.....

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i havent seen alice ever since my friend introduced me to this game hhhh

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happy third anniversary! ^w^

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Happy 3rd Anniversary! I wish you and your team luck to finish the remake! :thumbsup:
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Well well well happy 3rd anniversary for this game I love ^^ :aww:
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