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Mario: Bowser

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It's been YEARS since I have drawn the Koopa king himself, Bowser.  I had a lot of fun with this one. I also added a small detail to his eyes that's not very noticeable unless you look closely. x) Special thanks to middlethought and ItsMiaDaBirb for helping me figure out ways to improve Bowser!

Here's some progress screenshots:……

Made with Clip Studio Paint EX

Art created/owned by Me 
Bowser is owned by Nintendo
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I just notoced Mario's reflexion in Bowser's eye. Awsome!!

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You made the fire particles so well! ^^

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I love Bo-Chan :heart:

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It would be awesome if he could be in mtmb
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The main way I personally discovered the way 2 approach Bowser was like this - I knew next 2 nothing about him, & studying Youtube footage was confusing me, so I bought 1 of those amiibos so I could carefully study every angle the same way I do in the animation atudio.

At 1st, I was all, "Bizarre... this seems 2 break every rule of character design I've worked with... why does he seem so familiar?"

Then it hit me - he was reminding me of all those cool traditional dragons & statues in Chinatown, which I always loved visiting since I was a child. & I thought, "Oh, I get it now! He's a traditional Asian design!" That was the secret. ;)

So I studied lots of traditional Chinese statues & Asian illustrations while figuring out how 2 restructure Bowser in2 my own drawing style. ;)

Just think "Chinese dragon turtle", & keep all those cool statues & illustrations in mind. ;)
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are there fighting close by a valcano or Lava World??????

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This looks AWESOME! I especially love Mario being reflected in his eyes!

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Bowser just turn out very well ❤❤😇😇 wonderful work :clap:
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