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MTMB-ARC- Available Now!

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(Mario) The Music Box -ARC- is available for download now!
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Paint Tool Sai 2
Photoshop CC 2018 

Art is owned by me
Mario is owned by Nintendo

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Porque mario usa un cuchillo Mario puede usar su golpes

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the question that all human beings are trying to answer...

who the hell gave mario a knife
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Nice job, Jessica!! I always love your art!
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Hello. Does anybody want to replace Holy Mackerel with "Riba Mackerel"?
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May I ask for an art request? Ummm, if so, it's for my OC I made called Fredtrap, I was thinking about having one half of the picture him as an adult, and the other half is him as a kid, limp, and stuffed into the suit, bleeding. ...please, I really like your games and art, and I think you would do good on this gorey picture, if you can't do it, sorry for bothering you. I have some pictures of him, but I don't know how to send a it here.
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what he gonna do with clever?confused nick young 
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How can you send pictures?
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just copy the link of the image
And then paste it on the comment!
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I'm so happy!! I'm looking forward to playing it ^v^
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Biggoron knife! Why is it curved at the top?
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Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!! For the hard work, for the game, everything !!Thank you again !!
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Finally, is here! Yes!!
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YAY! Wishing you luck for your original project!
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