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Even Big Brothers Cry

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Thank you for those featuring this piece for Iwata's passing. Makes me feel honored to have it featured in various websites ^^

I got really lazy on this. I pretty much cheated on the yellow shading by using the overlay layer.
I felt a little depressed while drawing this(Thus has the sadness theme) but I managed to get back into my feet thanks to a friend. This was originally supposed to be plain but I decided to give it a half-assed background and some shading.
Don't ask me about hands... yes I know ;_; I am no good at it.

Luigi just wants to comfort his "big brother"(Many have debated that they are actually twin brothers but its not proven yet and Luigi always refers Mario as big bro. so meh.) ; u;
Tools used:
Paint Tool Sai

Mario & Luigi © Nintendo
Art created by me.
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I'm crying too after looking at this. It's so beautiful yet sad

So amazing...I can totally picture this happening. There is a quote that says, "People cry...but not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long." Being the sole hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is not as easy as it looks.

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Sasha: Do not cry, Mario. *Hugs Mario*
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Aaliyah: Mario what’s wrong?

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Sasha: I think he is sad.
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Aaliyah: Tell us what’s wrong, Mario.

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Mario: I'm worried about my future...
Sasha: Awwww...
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Aaliyah: Worried?

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Mario: Yeah.
Sasha: I feel bad. (Sniffs) And I also feel. The same way! (Cries and emits a horrible smell)
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Aaliyah: Do you smell something?

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Amazing artwork. 😇

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Mario and Luigi after finding out their series was cancelled circa 2019 (colorized)
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You can call the older twin the "big brother"
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Okay... Okay, okay, okay, this is going to make me cry! You know why? This is because it makes me picture in my mind that Mario was crying because Satoru Iwata died, and Luigi had to comfort his brother. UGH! WHY AM  BRINGING UP THAT TRAGEDY JUST NOW?!?! HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID?! Waaaah! 

Also, MatPat's theory about Mario being a psychopath that affected many Luigi fans breaks my heart even more picturing this drawing you made. I really do like Mario, but not as good as Luigi, his little brother (despite being tall). I would NEVER EVER treat Mario that way, of course, as it is just ridiculously rebellious, and I hate it. Don't listen to those people, Mario. I think you're awesome! :)
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Good Luigi, capture Mario good and safe. He need you now.
*search a hanky for Mario and stroke head*
*rumble* Wheres my Dictionary?
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I love this. It makes me happy(cry). :D
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Luigi: Bro, don't listen to those shroob-hearted people. You're no're a hero and the best big bro ever!
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I thought of this as "It's been 30 years, I'm beat down, sleep-deprived, nervous, always active, scared, worried, and miserable. I want to save Peach, but where is my break? All I want to do is eat sleep, be with my friends, and have fun, *sniffle* not risk my life, almost die, suffer limitless injuries, rescue Peach and fight Bowser 24/7. I'm tired of it Luigi, I'm in pain. Please....make it stop. NO MORE! *Bawls even harder*"
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Luigi: At the very end... Iwata was smiling. Don't worry, Mario... we're all in this together. You, Me and all of our friends in Nintendo... (I know it's two years late, but yeah.)
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Why is he crying?:-( (Sad)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I love this very much.*hugs Mario*
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I get this feeling that Satoru Iwata passed away. That was 3 years ago, though. Waaaah! 
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