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The Shore

Twilight (Yan Tovis) & The Watch (Yedan Derryg)
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And IOTW again. Congrats :)
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This is spectacular

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Image of the Week of the Wiki. Congrats :D
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Awesome work!  
yay :yay: woot 
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Always loved Yan Tovis -- the reluctant queen, and Yedan, the duty-bound protector. Very nice pairing; I don't believe anyone on the board ever illustrated Yan. Both very much as I expected. Thanks so much for your incredible rt!
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Thanks :)
I was surprised there was no art of Twilight. I had a quick look when I was painting this and found nothing. A bit of a shame it took me so long to get to her as well.
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There are so many players and scenes in the series, it's hard to get to them all. As a writer--ha! I can't even draw a straight line-- there's so much I'd love to see visually brought to life. Yet in way, the series is remembered now only by hardcore fans and the occasional convert, as we are 8 years removed from the publication of The Crippled God. Plus it seems it’s always Rake Rake Rake or Karsa Karsa Karsa (which I’m sure will re-surface with the publication of The God is Not Willing later this year).

As a writer, I live for the emotional response, that kick in the gut, or that perfect note of completion, which may help you understand why I was ecstatic over your advent calendar illustration of Crokus and Apsalar’s reunion, closing a long arc that began in GotM, and represents far more than a young couple returning to each other.

Some scenes don’t always translate from words to visual, but I’d love it if someone could illustrate the scene between Cotillion and Crokus as they discuss symmetry in Pust’s monastery after Apsalar has gone, and Crokus breaks down. Both those scenes late in HoC — Cotillion and Apsalar and Cotillion and Crokus show the incredible humanity still left in Cotillion/Dancer, and underscores the hard choices we all must make. Would also love to see a scene of the Bonehunters emerging from under Y’Ghatan at Sinn’s insistence and Faradan Sort’s forbearance.

On the lighter side, I’ve tried to cajole Dejan Delic (who has done a ton of commissioned character work for my books) to illustrate scenes like when Ruthan Gudd returns to the Bonehunters and in the Adjunct’s tent, Skanarow is sleeping — until Masan Galani kicks her boot and she “attacks” Gudd, much to the horror of Tavore. Or a scene  with Brys and Aranict, maybe when he forces the reinforcement battalion commander to read Tehol’s letter to him aloud, or the aftermath, when Aranict thinks Brys is convinced he is going to die, but can’t say anything. But it seems Dejan has dramatically cut back on his fan art, most likely because he has to make a living like all us schmucks!

Keep up the great work. I always look forward to your latest creations.
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