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The Itko Kan Massacre

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The Itko Kan Massacre.
Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson

Painter 11

UPDATED: redid the sky and a few other things. Old version will be in my scraps
The Itko Kan Massacre by Luktarig
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Image of the Week. Congrats CN :D
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Lorn had her helmet on at the moment...but its great!:)
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My daughter thought this picture fit exactly the feeling she was trying to convey in her recent post in HubPages.
Please let me know if you approve of how she has used your art.
If you are not happy I will take it down immediately. If you are I would be grateful if she could continue to use your art with her posts like this.
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As long as she uses them in that fashion (link and letting me know) it's fine.
Although my picture is not about the subject matter.
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Thank you. It looks like the scene of a battle where there was a massacre and although it is not the scene of the Roman battle it gives the feeling perfectly so that is why she chose your picture. I will ensure your work is always respected and always linked to you.
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Malazan awesomeness :D
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Amazingly done, totally captures the feel of the books and makes me feel like I'm sitting here reading them.
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Impressive like the books. You could try the massacre of Aren now:D

But are both lefthanded as they have the sword on their right side?
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Love the colours and the gore! The birds look really good too:)

You have that rare ability to make a painting seem very detailed, when in fact you only hint at details. I wish I could do that:D

One crit, though: Paran kinda looks like a ghoul.

That is all.

Oh, and we should do a collab again some time. Seeing as the first one was such a great success! And also lots of fun:)
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Well paran was kinda ghoulish, he kept riding though all those corpes again and again.

Collab sounds a good idea, I need something to kick me out of this funk I've been in lately.

You got any ideas?
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True...but I meant more in the lines of "he looks like one of the ghouls from Fallout 32 :P

Funk? That doesn't sound good...something wrong?

Well, I always have a ton of things on my Malazan to-do list, but those are more portrait, character, creature-type know, minor stuff:P

I think we can pull off something a little more epic. A lot of scenes from MoI springs to mind, but 1-upping Merlkir is going to be difficult(and after the Trygalle pic I swore I'd never paint a horse again:P ). I'd also like to give Y'gathan burning another try..Fire is fun! But then buildings and things aren't my strong suit...Then there's the scene from DoD where What's her face Red Blade shadowdances to protect Tavore and the big outrider-guy from a K'Chain Nahruk, that could be a pretty cool thing to do.

If not, I think something concept-arty and firey of Tiste Liosan with horses (ugh) would be a good way to go. There isn't much Tiste Liosan art circulating...probably because they're total douchebags:P

What do you think?
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:D im reading these books at the moment. they're brilliant
as is this artwork, fantastic ^^
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MBotF is indeed all kinds of awesome:D
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oh, and i featured your work in my journal here: [link] hope you don't mind ;)
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