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Big news! Lorekeeper has reached a point where I feel it's good for public release! It's been a longer wait than I initially anticipated, due to various incidents of moving/falling sick/readjusting to full time work but here we are!

What is Lorekeeper?
Lorekeeper is an open-source framework for managing deviantART-based ARPGs/closed species masterlists coded using the Laravel framework. In simple terms - you will be able to make a copy of the site, do some minor setup/enter data about your species and game, and it'll provide you with the automation to keep track of your species, players and ARPG submissions.

You can see it in action here:
:iconpacapillars: play.pacapillars.com
:icontessarium::iconpouflons: www.ranebopets.com

Here is the wiki: lorekeeper-arpg.wikidot.com/st…
Tutorial for setting up: lorekeeper-arpg.wikidot.com/wi…

Setup is doable for people who don't have experience with web dev but I'm aware it's not exactly...simple, so I will be offering setup commissions soon!

With that, I'll be stopping Patreon updates indefinitely until I have the time to work on the base framework more. Have some interesting stuff in the works!

Oekaki Board

Found something interesting and quickly threw together a quick test so LOL. Blast to the past? Come and draw! Sorry, part of the interface is still in Japanese because I haven't finished translating.


It runs on html5 rather than Java so even if you don't have Java installed. (and most modern browsers block Java applications, contributing to the decline of oekaki culture and the eventual rise of centrally-hosted social interaction platforms. In this essay I will...)
For the technical detail-oriented - it's a recode of PaintBBS made in html5/javascript + an old board format (poti-board) that was updated to? recoded in? php7. The PaintBBS recode is not authorised (the creator has been missing/uncontactable for many years), so I'm hesitant to promote it loudly, but credits:
PaintBBS NEO: github.com/funige/neo/
poti-kai: github.com/sakots/poti-kai
Board layout/style: draclaw.com/

Happy April! Hope everyone's having fun in Animal Crossing? I'm having a blast getting to select girl player for once and then having absolutely nothing to do with that selection ever again. No gender in my house
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oh my this looks amazing
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Been looking this over and I'm impressed by how nice your framework set up it. Tokotas has been looking to get a cleaner framework set up for our website. This doesn't work out of the box for us (we are tad bigger and crazier) but this is still really awesome. If you are interested in a paying gig setting up similar framework customized for us please contact me. No worries if you are too busy. 
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Been looking forward to this!! Thank you so much! Cant wait too set this up hehe
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Omg i love oekaki! Do you know if the site works with macs or apple ipads?
gIassmoth's avatar
Yo! I've been informed that the updated HTML5 applet will work on Mac (sadly I can't test it since the only Mac I have now is a struggling MacBook from 2006 fjdskl) but ye!! I was a Mac kid and was always upset I couldn't get oekaki to work back when it was popular 😭
Jahpan's avatar
Greeat! I use to be a pc kid from 2002-2013 but then from then on switched to apple since i needed a apple laptop for college :)
corowne's avatar
Uhhhhh no idea but probably!
blhky's avatar
oh my god, thanks to you and everyone else for recoding those in HTML5... absolute legends. cant wait to try this out!
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Glad to hear! Just to be sure though, the oekaki board's just a separate little thing I set up for fun and has nothing to do with Lorekeeper!
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i signed up for ranebopets and was like 'hmm i wonder if this is cy's project' and lo and behold! it's sooooo nice to look at and i'm sure takes out a lot of moderating work too
it's so cool to see it finished! 
corowne's avatar
Thank you ahhh!!! It's super exciting to see it in action and with REAL DATA
VeilDust's avatar
Bless this!! * _ *
corowne's avatar
Thank you!! \o/
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Bless you for sharing this <3 Going to try and install it on my dreamhost after work. You are absolutely fantastic. :)
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I hope it goes smoothly! Feel free to ask in the discord server if you need help!
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