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Apparently the thing I do when I'm feeling worried is organise stuff?? so here is a bunch of icons of my OCs/worlds for my personal use on Toyhouse, you can see them in action here (with better image quality but still watermarked I'm sorry). These were done over the span of a few months and there's still a bunch left to go because apparently I can't control myself when making OCs...I don't think I'll be working on new additions any time soon though...

The very last two in the bottom right were one of the first few I did and they looked really uninteresting after I made a bunch more, so I redrew their icons and so these two aren't in use right now.
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can I ask what program you used to make these?  I love how crisp and vibrant they are!
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Thank you!! I drew most of them in SAI and added text in Photoshop!
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WOW! there's so much effort and creativity put into these!! They all look AMAZING <3 <3
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Thank you ahhh!!! ;v;
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HA SDKLJALSKD weeps oh man your art always amazes me ;___; and also what i find astounding is the amount of creativity you put into everything you do like laskjdlkajkjlads good lord this is the most adorable organizational method that i have ever seen... the way you incorporated little themes to each one and how some of them are even connected to other ones is JUST

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JDKDJDKDK THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY COMMENT !!!!! I wanted the icons to be descriptive of the characters they're supposed to represent...but most of them are also very strongly defined by their worlds and relationships so I tried to reflect those things in their icons (had to wing a lot of things JDKKSKD) /w\

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN AHHH I really love your art and ideas so this really brightened my day!!!
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i really want pick up them as goods especially square buttons!!! sobs
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Ahhh thank you that's a good idea?! It'd be interesting but they're too low resolution to print, maybe next time ;w;!!
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these are so fantastic aaaah the compositions are so striking and varied, and the clean style looks absolutely perfect at this size!!
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Ahhhhh thank you Kiku!!!!! It got really hard to come up with new ideas after doing a bunch so just slowly puts off doing the rest,
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throws you out
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I love this clean, vector style of yours. Each icon is very dynamic and interesting //// (ahhh, everything is so inspiring :heart: )

Thanks for sharing this ;u;
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Thank you!!! They're not actually vector art since I was too lazy to spend the time vectoring something so small + I don't have the skill but CLENCHES FIST EVENTUALLY
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These are all lovely! o:
Fantastic work!
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Thank you!! ;v;
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The designs on these are phenomenal!!
Graphic design savvy all the way~
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Thank you!!! I've been trying to pick up some graphic design skills so I'm glad to hear it's working ^o^
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