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Pixel dump

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Organisation time is procrastination time! I spent a bit of time tidying folders up and it occurred to me that there's a fair bit of pixel art I haven't properly submitted to DA.
Just a collection of stuff I've found in my folders - at least, I'm pretty sure I haven't submitted these before, though some of them might have ended up in a doodle dump or something?? idk
I don't really want to submit these separately since they're so tiny...

Some notes:
- a bunch of the characters involved belong to my friends! I didn't realise how many of jaywalkings' icons I did until I compiled this LOL
- also, fanart for Mogeko Castle and Hatoful Boyfriend
- original art for the daruma icons were done by YuriStorm, I just redrew them at icon size
- there's actually a lot more pixel stuff I'm not putting up (entire spritesheets/associated animations I did for fun) so ye I'm not...slacking off...I think...
- throws style consistency out of the window!!!!!

All of these were made for personal use/entertainment so please refrain from using/editing them (including the fanart) unless it was made for you/I've given permission!
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Ahh you're so good at pixeling!!
So many mogekos.
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Ahhhh thank you!! It makes me really glad to hear that because I really like your pixel art ... at least...I'm pretty sure you had some up at some point...?? I'M GOING OFF MEMORY HERE JFLKLKFJ;LJD I'MSORRY

I'm p sure I missed at least one mogeko type though
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You're welcome!
And I didn't think you liked my pixel art, I feel so honoured now ;v;
and yes, I had some up! I made my own icon too actually
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gOSH it should be the other way around, your antialiasing's so good??? (case in point your icon KFJDLKJF;KJ)
I hope you'll put more up eventually, it's always a pleasure to see ;w; I guess I should also make it a habit to +fave things more often too
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Aahh thank you so much ;u;
And maybe I will! I really like pixeling actually, but not everything I do looks so nice haha :'D
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lobs out a window see ya
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grabs you by the ankle you're coming with me
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watches you both fall

see ya
corowne's avatar
hand extends to grab you you're not exempt from this
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA these are so gorgeous!!!
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Thank you!!! ;v;
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Thsee are all really cool! Your pixel art is amazing. I'm glad you decided to post this stuff. :heart:
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Ahhh thank you!! I'll try to put stuff like these up more regularly in the future o/
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