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Linux: where dreams come true.

so many distros, so little time.

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NintenMario's avatar
I love it ! :D

Linux Power for ever !
DeCoolFox's avatar
noiseryuu's avatar
wha? no arch? :o
OldTimeyJunk's avatar
Ah... the humble "Slax" makes an apperance there!
Sabayon looks awesome.
jos3mor3no's avatar
Windows :jackdirt: Linux

Linux Mint "Julia" rocks
obsrv's avatar
The Future is Open.
richardred15's avatar
You get what you pay for, ask and i'll explain, before you cus me out or whatever, I like linux, it's just there's a few things that pull me away from it.
Delere's avatar
i love linux and i use only it. i don't need anymore's only crap...
litemirrors's avatar
I'd agree but we need to be weary, Linux is under attack from Microsoft and other entities against open source software :(
Delere's avatar's true... :(
leomidas's avatar
I loved duel-booting Linux...Until my dad found out and had no idea what the crap I did to our computer
heir-of-the-cane's avatar
if my dad found out he would kill me. (he thinks that anything non-microsoft/google is going to make his computer explode)
leandrw's avatar
Linux é pura arte. Software aberto tem tudo a ver com arte, com poder mudar as coisas de acordo com o que sente, o que quer passar. Só sinto a liberdade de mudar o ambiente do jeito que quero no meu Ubuntu JJ.:fella:
TheDarkRedman's avatar
I love Linux ! I've Ubuntu OS :D
bashphoenux's avatar
veryyyyyyyyyy nice
sAlxe's avatar
Where's Arch?! D:
beyecixramd's avatar
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