Setting over a Horizon

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The sun sets over a horizon,
Another year has gone,
Life goes on again,
As it does on every thorn.

Love comes and goes,
It cannot be denied,
But it never leaves us,
Until the spirits die.

The sun sets over a horizon,
Another path has closed,
Another long desire,
Has seen its end unfold.

As so often happens,
When unhappiness spreads,
Love turned its sights,
Upon another's loving stead.

The sun sets over a horizon,
Love lost seeks love again,
Knowing of only one to date,
They seek them out again.

But upon another's heart beat,
The lover has fell secured,
The love lost must turn away,
Never finding that sort.

The sun sets over a horizon,
Through endless days of pain,
Love lost must seek escape,
Life keeps all stuck embraced.

Another life is dawning,
With this New Year and day,
And thus a life must set,
To prevent an ebb or sway.

When love is all lost,
And life's desires losing,
Laughter is forgotten,
Faith lessens even more.

A sun sets over a horizon,
A life now must be taken,
For once and for all,
If life is not forsaken.

And so it is suspected,
That I may fill this call,
With not but life to live for,
There is no life at all.

"Promises lay torn and disregarded,
Why live where even love scorns?"
A poem of the dark sort. Outwardly it has a spin of equality and life-for-a-life, though inwardly the emotion is different. It is a tale in the form of a poem, and the story may shock some. This work is all my design, though the poem doesn't necessarily relate to me.
© 2012 - 2022 CoronAronshear
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This is great, and very beatiful, i hope i could write something like this, but i can´t. I´ve only writen one, and it´s not even close as good as this.
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Writing takes some time to do well. I was born with a mental disorder related to dyslexia that made it very difficult to write. Yet, after years of practice, here I am, writing this. It takes time, but I'm sure you'll improve quickly.
PurpleDragonFan's avatar
Yeah,i might improve, but it´s not that i can´t write, i just dont seeme to find a reason to write something, when i wrote my one and only poem that iw writen whit out being forced i wrote it to get the words out, since they were repeating over and over again in my head and i just needed to get them out of there or ill´d go mad.
And i write (or create anything else) only when feeling so, if not it won´t be so good.
CoronAronshear's avatar
You've got to write when you can, and only when you feel up to it.
PurpleDragonFan's avatar
Yeah, i know but i just never feel so or if i do it dosen´t come out the way i hope.
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All you can do is keep trying. Once you find the perfect point of serenity, you will write exactly how you wish to be. And always think positively, all negativity does is make life more difficult.
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Thanks. Haven't written in forever and my first piece is a poem. Funny.
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