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Princess Peach: War Cleric

Graceful and Elegant, Princess Peach is NOT to be taken lightly.  Despite her royal upbringing, Peach packs quite a punch, although the dress slows her down a bit. (Hey, you gotta look good when you slay your enemies!) She brings along her pack of axe-like weaponry, such as her trusty frying pan, her croquet mallet, real tennis racket, and her umbrella. 
When she's not directly fighting her opponents, she's aiding her allies with her healing magic.  Her ability, Group Hug, can be used to restore HP to those around her, and she can even bring an ally back from death.
She also has the magic ability to float, allowing her to travel over most terrain and fight equally with flying opponents. 
Artist Comments:
This is Princess Peach as she would appear in an RPG/medeival-fantasy setting, with specific influences coming from Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy.
FINALLY after 8 months of working due to delays, computer problems, school, art block, and just life in general, I have finally completed this piece.
I had to translate many of her weapons into an 'old-world', medieval counterpart: her golf club became a croquet mallet and her tennis racket became a "real-tennis racket' (Look up REAL tennis, it's weird. Often called sport of kings, which is fitting for her royalty).  
This piece is honestly about the time when I knew what I wanted to do with these projects: I wanted to keep the original integrity of their characters while still attempting a more serious piece.  Peach has a rather large head and HUGE eyes.
To add into the motif of "Princess Toadstool, Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom", I gave her fungi growing from her dress and boots.

This is part 2 of my RPG Smash Bros project (as I am just now calling it)
Part 1: Samus Aran: Mystic Knight
Part 3:
PArt 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

My Art Blog:…
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What's a Cleric?

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Peach, you go girl!
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Very nice re-designing and regal upgrade of Peach.  She still has that glamorous, innocent personality we all know and love, and yet she has gained much more confidence and power in this piece.  I love the addition of the mushrooms on her dress and boots; they fit her title of Princess Toadstool, and can help enhance her healing magic and any offensive/defensive abilities she possessed before the redesign, along with any new abilities you may give her in the future.
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Was really hoping there was a Daisy like this! :c
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Let's battle againist the Koopa Troop!
Zidabrine's avatar
This is so amazing!!!
PrincessPeachLover22's avatar
You Should Make one of these for Lucario and Wolf!
Ying-Tao's avatar
PrincessPeachLover22's avatar
I love your picture. I'm glad someone else knows a lot about Peach!!!
CocoaCutie178's avatar
SO pretty! I love every detail!
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
I can see that you took inspiration from Lissa (aka my Waifu ^o^).
Looks beautiful!
Acaciathorn's avatar
Fantastic details on the dress :w00t:
ukyoluvr's avatar
Those mushrooms on the dress. are. amazing. 
apcomics's avatar
Nice tho was surprised no mention of the 2 non healing & mobility vibe powers. kinda surprised
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Is it odd that my favorite parts are the depth to her frying pan and that gorgeous crown? Fantastic job; I love how creative these redesigns are.
DoJayMi's avatar
This is genius, if not this, then at least Legend of Zelda x Fire Emblem. 
Skirtzzz's avatar
Oof- the urge to cosplay this is PAINFULLY real. Insane design- that attention to detail- just exceptional. 
Punisher2006's avatar
I love the detail in Peach's dress. :+fav: It's so nice here. I also love all of the 'weapons' she has and the bio too.
PeepingToad's avatar
This design is full of such richness it makes me yearn for a full adventure.  Great work.
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This really is the best thing in your gallery so far. :) Your concept is beautifully done - from all the equipment to the small gold detailing on the frying pan. Well done - I hope you continue to have this much attention to detail in the future.
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SO cute and the outfit is so elaborate, awesome!! xo
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This is amazing...
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Interesting really suits her in the fantasy hero game format.
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