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Rat and Fox by Coro-Yuki Rat and Fox :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 0 0 Druid final by Coro-Yuki Druid final :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 1 0 Archer as a druid by Coro-Yuki Archer as a druid :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 1 3
Is this how it is to be?
A monthly reminder I’ll never get away?
Never get away from being sad,
Wanting to cry,
Hating my life,
Feeling isolated,
Screaming in my mind that something’s wrong,
It’s always wrong,
What’s wrong with me?
Is this normal, or is the Depression,
The monster,
Still living downstairs under my floor boards,
Knocking to remind me not to be too loud,
Too loud when I’m happy?
I just…
Feel sad, stupid, useless, ignored.
And I’m not.
People are just busy,
Live in a different time zone,
I have bad timing,
I’m too tired to put in the effort,
To talk, ask If I can jump in,
Or if someone wants to talk to me.
It’s just bad timing,
I’m sad because I haven’t told ‘em,
That I feel sad,
And I can’t explain,
It just happens,
And I can’t control it,
It just distorts the world,
And I feel sad, and I don’t know why.
I just feel… alone,
I just feel… down,
I just feel… pain.
I j
:iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 0 3
Karan by Coro-Yuki Karan :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 2 0 Kino Veras'Daughter by Coro-Yuki Kino Veras'Daughter :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 0 0 Dragon lady by Coro-Yuki Dragon lady :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 0 0 Fin by Coro-Yuki Fin :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 2 4 Japanese garden by Coro-Yuki Japanese garden :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 2 0 Flower Group 2 by Coro-Yuki Flower Group 2 :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 3 0 Flower Group 1 by Coro-Yuki Flower Group 1 :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 0 0 Single flowers 2 by Coro-Yuki Single flowers 2 :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 0 0 Single flowers 1 by Coro-Yuki Single flowers 1 :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 1 0 Isla by Coro-Yuki Isla :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 1 0
When we were Bold
All the world is passing,
Passing, passing,
Time is always marching,
Marching, marching,
Old Ones are remem’bring,
‘Mem’bring, ‘mem’bring,
Back when they were younglings,
Younglings, younglings.
When I was your age,
Ah, I am so old!
We knew what the monsters were,
And yet we were still bold.
:iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 2 2
Karan of Ashes by Coro-Yuki Karan of Ashes :iconcoro-yuki:Coro-Yuki 2 3


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Rat and Fox
Went to anthrocon to see my bro and his friends. I posed with his friend here. Not my best angle but I forgot to have my friend :iconcreativewheeler21: take pics of me on my phone with better poses. Whups.

Didn't have too good a time this year despite the compliments to my outfit. I think only one person recognized that I was even a fox and not Pikachu. Those tails get heavier every time I wear 'em. Must rectify that problem if I do the cosplay as a ninja keaton.

Eh, the dealer's room really isn't good during anthrocon I've noticed. My friend and I got too tired to do much more than that before we had to check in around 4-5 to our hotel which expedia LIED ABOUT. They said it was around 4 miles from the convention, not 14. Driving through Pittsburgh really took it out of Creative so after resting we just hung out in the hotel and talked and watched youtube. On Sunday we had a much better time at the strip district although I bought too much early on and had to carry it around forever as we walked up and down looking and shopping. Much cooler stuff to buy there than anthrocon, although I am going to have an artist from their do a commission for me. I just haven't gotten around to emailing her and discussing what's what. 

I don't think I'll do anthrocon again. As much as I like anthro creatures, there's not a lot that interests me at anthrocon. The first time I did it there was a great panel with a voice actor I enjoyed, but that was it, nothing else really grabbed me
New hair
Been trying on and off to draw a new me with my new haircut. Really really hard to do....
Monsters inside me revisited
For this year's art contest in my area I decided to revisit and ad to "Monsters inside me." This was just a doodle to get in the mood and try some stuff.

Afterwards I made a picture of the girl holding a hand reaching out to her, and the title is, "Pull me out of myself" while the monsters try to pull her back down. The last one is colored with the girl facing front and cupping a light resonating from her chest while the hands of Jesus gesture out from behind her, and the darkness around them is dispelling. It's also colored.

I don't know how it happened, but each picture got smaller than the last one. I'll scan the pics in when I get them back after the contest. I forgot to beforehand because I was busy getting them in their frames etc.
Druid final
Got some pics scanned, including this one of the druid, sans the fur because... it's a hassle. Ellada discord sadly closed, but I found the Dark Mountain discord which is similar. Trouble is I have to earn points to by a second character slot. >___>

I went with an odd dark elf gal named Linnelle, she's not quite drow, perhaps some sort of  mixed blood. Was once a slave until her mentor showed up, caused mayhem and massacring for the slave masters, and was like, "Huh, didn't see you there... feel like being my apprentice?"

I hate when people complain about God "sending" people to hell and how unfair it is as if he merely sends you because you're not Christian(FYI, people choose hell)

Lik,e oh the poor spychopaths, serial killers, child molesters, wife abusers, terrorists, etc. Poor poor them.

What's wrong with you?


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome, this is my place.


Current Residence: whatever you imagine, that it may be
Favourite genre of music: Vocaloid J-pop
Wallpaper of choice: Usually of an anime genre
Favourite cartoon character: The Baron from "The Cat Returns." and Donald Duck
Personal Quote: Ever have one of those days that turned into one of those weeks, then one of those months, then one of those years, then suddenly, you realized you were having one of those lives? --me
I always felt that I am a very physically weak person.

But two nights back I punched my wall when I was dreaming again and I took the skin off my finger joints. I punched it really really hard. I had no idea I had that kind of power (The wall was stronger though...).

I am Super Nanny.

I need to find a kung fu dojo out here and get back into tai chi or kung fu itself.

But I also seriously need to ask my doctors what the hell is going on. I need my sleep and I am sick and tired of my body finding new ways to wake me up. Two weeks back I was a wolf about to pounce on a bad guy and I woke up pushing myself off my stomach.

I'm a little scared I'm going to start sleepwalking.

In other news I cut my hair super short. Lopped it all off. It's about five-six inches long now but I think I want to lop a little more off before summer vacation.

I was going to look for a summer job back north but I feel that honestly I just want to relax like last year and not do anything strenuous. Just go to a con or two, visit my other sister, help out at the yearly summer art show. Not sure if I'll submit anything this year since my creativity is still not very active, but maybe once I'm on vacai I'll get some inspiration or summit.

I need to practice males. I want to make male characters but I am sooooo freaking lazy about learning the anatomy.

Had fun with my Fairy Tail DnD group. Last time two of us had a "Don't notice" spell cast on us and we snuck into a cave to save two of our comrades. We had a little trouble knocking out a guard, and then a crystal dragon slayer(whom the others already knew but not me since I'm new to the party) showed up. The other player cut his throat with her ax and then as he stumbled to run for help my character, who was turned into a 12 year old again, jumped on his back and tried to gouge his eyes out since he put on his crystal scales.. I got a 17 on that roll so it was quite successful. The other player used her magic ax to chop at his chest and it worked but he then fell on top of me, and then more baddies and the rest of our group showed up and things went down hill fast.
  • Listening to: No Mercy -- The Living tombstone
  • Reading: What am I reading...?
  • Watching: Fairy Tail and various abridged series
  • Drinking: too much coffee


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