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This is the animation i had to produce for my Animation module at university we had to do a time based visual animation of an existing peice of media.

i chose the portal song coz i love it :P

developed in flash took forever

I'm aware of spelling mistakes but i cannot change it as i no longer have access to flash

enjoy. :D


Animation by me.

Portal song
(still alive)
written by
preformed by
Ellenn Mclain

video game
developed by
Valve corporation
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© 2010 - 2021 cornishmouse
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Sorry! No cake! 
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That moment when you hear music in your hea when there is none XD
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I’m pretty sure that the abbreviation of the enrichment centre is..... CAEC
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I sang along to the whole song. I know someone named Chance, so whenever I see that "fat chance" line, I laugh my head off imagining him fat. Laughing 
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This song is stuck in my head ever since I finished the game a year or two ago.
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i have had "want you gone " stuck in my head for over 2 weeks! HELP!
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Prepare for a lifetime of torture by awesome music!
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.,-:;//;:=, . :H@@mmm#H/.,+%;, ,/X+ +M@mmm%=,-%HMMMX/, -+mm; $M@mh+-,;XMMMMmMmm@+- ;m@m- XMX;. -+XXXXXHHHmm#@/. ,%MM@mh ,@%= .---=-=:=,. =@#@@mx ., -%HX$$%%%+; =-./mm$ .;mMmmmm: X@/ -$MM/ .+MM@@m$ ,mh: :@: . =X#@@@- ,@@mmx, . /H- ;mm= .H@@@m@+, %MM+..%#$. /MMMMmmh/. XMmh; =; /%+%$XHH@$= , .H@@@mx, .=--------. -%H.,@@@@mx, .%MM@@@HHHXX$$$%+- .:$MMX =M@mm%. =XMMMmmmm#H;,-+HMMm+ /MMMX= =%mm#@$-.=$mm@@m; %M%= ,:+$+-,/H#MMMMMMM@= =, =++%%%%+/;-
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same, i did the same thing in note pad I made a cake and the portal logo, them my computer died...
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i finished portal. and its a catchy song 
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I LUV IT. (And I'm also a big portal lover so ya)
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p.s THE CAKE IS A LIE!!! :(
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I wish I could add it to my favorites, but it's not working! :(
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pretty fun to watch ^^
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Ah, this is pretty neat!
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I'm sad she died. Why did she?
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shes not really dead.  shes still alive
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Sorry, I know. I watched the video after that comment... I wish I could do more than just capitals... but I ALWAYS DO THAT!!!
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