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Some of the best stuff I've seen around DA ^^



:Inks: The Loose Cannon
Sorry, I've been a little busy with things to work on Inktober pics, but I was working on this one just recently and wanted to upload it. IDK if anyone remembers the old sketch to this, it was probably two or three years ago at this point, and I'm only just now getting to it, hehe...yeah, anyway. Basically I had the really silly idea around the time I was watching and reading Soul Eater, wondering what me and my friends would be like as Weapon/Meister pairs, and this was one of them. Featuring myself and Jareth Leonard as the two characters, Jareth being the weapon and me the Meister. I even have like a crazy backstory for them, and it sorta of evolved into a possible comic idea, that I probably thought about way too much recently, it's one of those things I want to revisit at some point.

Jim Defender and this art is © to me
Soul Eater belongs to ViZ media.

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:Inks: Eyes Like a Dragon
#inktober Another work sketch made more real with inking for Inktober. This time of my favorite character Kazuma Kiryu. Full disclosure I borrowed the image of the dragon from a game image rip, but I had to clean it up, hope you enjoy!

Kazuma Kiryu © SEGA

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:Inks: Falling with Style
#inktober Another work sketch inked, Sonic in motion, was messing around with action poses and ways of showing motion hence the speed lines. enjoy.

Sonic the Hedgehog © to SEGA

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:Inks: Take the Shot
#inktober and all that, kinda using that meme thingy as an excuse to do some inking on art I want to finish, so have some Mega Man X that I sketched while at work a while back. Enjoy.

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Welp, nobody got my Kiriban, since I didn't get a message for it, so unfortunately no one gets anything, kinda surprised but also kinda not. Oh well, no worries.
I haven't done a tag in years, and up comes :iconkaithephaux: and she goes and tags me a few days ago, geez, I'm rusty at these so bear with me. But basically just gotta talk about my character she chose. Let's see if I can remember a lot of this stuff ha ha.

1. When I design characters, usually I try not to insert myself into the character but if I do I tend not to base them completely off of myself but just aspects of myself, and at the time, Novus represented my anger, and overall negative attitude I was feeling around the time of conception. Which judging the time frame off-hand was in high school, where I was picked on mercilessly, so you see how that worked out. This is shown in how Novus' general attitude toward things is indifference, and his short fuse. Granted, this was only shown off in the old comic pages from years ago, and I've somewhat livened his mood up a bit.

2. Novus' design was an attempt to take an existing species that had been done to death and try to make them look as original as possible, hence while he has very odd quills with an almost fur-like quality. He's also a hedgehog in name but is not a native species of hedgehog of this world.

3. Novus hails from a planet far away from Earth called Elysium, which exists thousands of years before present day Earth. The planet is inhabited only by Mobian style animals, and is sectioned into 7 great nations. All of which with a different type of government, culture, economy and different species of animals.

4. Novus' heterochromia is not natural. The reason he has a different colored eye is because of the gem in his chest which has to do with the story of the old comic. Originally the Master Elemental Emerald, a gem used to contain and control the other Elemental Emeralds was destroyed a hundred of years before the comic's main story. After so long, the gem is rebuilt in an organic being and when it's formed enough it ejects itself from the body of the host and becomes the M.E.E. once again. Thus meaning that two design aspects of Novus were supposed to change once the story got that far. The yellow eye is because the spirit of the M.E.E. is using his body as a host who had yellow eyes.

5. Novus' powers are interesting. I think do to me being into Fullmetal Alchemist at the time, his power is he can basically manipulate matter into different forms. Like transforming a rock into a staff to use as a weapon, and it even followed some weird form of equivalent exchange, but there were limits as anything very large takes a lot out of him to the point of passing out, so he tends to stick to smaller creations to avoid this.

6.  Novus originally had three different Transformations that he could achieve, and could only do so under very specific circumstances. The first was Shin Novus, (AKA "True Novus"). If Novus obtained the Cosmic Emerald, the source of his powers, and tapped into it, he could magnify them to their absolute limit and be unhinged on what he could create with his abilities. The second is Hyper Novus, similar to the concept used in the Sonic Comics, when he has all 7 Elemental Emeralds he is able to transform into this form, and with it, he gains control of all the elements at once, leading to some devastating combinations, but this form is very short lived due to the strain it causes on the body. And lastly is Omni-Novus. After having a connection to the spirit of the M.E.E. he is able to merge with him again but in a more complete way, gaining his abilities in the process, it's essentially the same as Hyper but his powers at this stage can literally tear the fabric of reality apart, (OP yes, but when you're fighting creatures that do roughly the same thing, it was necessary.)

7.The original story/comic, titled Elemental Chaos at the time, was supposed to be in three parts, the second part was to be called Elemental Chaos: Shooting Star Journey, as it was trek into space, and the last part I never came up with a subtitle for, and it was the conclusion of the story. Each part was a time skip and it ended with Novus as an adult and was to show how much he had grown as a person.

8. I kinda don't want to spoil the end of the comic I had in mind for it, but I don't think I'll honestly come back to it, unless I really get the urge to, but the end of the story was supposed to end in a Bootstrap Time Paradox. After fighting the creators of the Elemental Emeralds to a stand-still in his Omni Form, Novus sees how futile continuing to fight is, when he has an idea on how to fix everything, it's bold, and it would change everything, but it was a sacrifice he had to take. As such, he uses his incredible power to open the timeline of the universe before him and erase the creation of the Elemental Emeralds from history, thus forcing the universe to born through different means than that of the machinations of Gods, everything is bathed in a white light and not a sound is heard. When the light fades, we see a familiar scene from the first chapter of the comic, with Novus in his room, and his little sister ready to scold him for sleeping in, thus completing the cycle.

Well, I hope you liked reading all that, sorry for spoilers and stuff, I'm not even gonna mark them because like I said, I honestly doubt if I'll ever have the drive to do my comic idea in its entirety, especially because I have like nothing written down for it anymore, just yeah, this was all from memory, anyhoo, I know I'm supposed to tag people but I don't have too many people on here too tag, so hey, if you want to do something like this, go right ahead, if not, it's cool. Thanks.


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