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So, I'm back :) I have a really good time now, to do designs ;)

How was your holidays? :)
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So, I've just found it, and try it ;) I hope you will do the same, so I can know you better ;)

1. I love to read in bed with chips near my hand xD
2. I always cry on romantic movies.
3. I like night - maybe I just spend to much time during the night than day ;)
4. I always salt food - lot of salt xD
5. I try to sing when I'm alone in home.
6. I smoke to much.
7. I love my boyfriend for over eight years and I think about him like my future husband xD ( he knows that )
8. I always want to have a big library in house.
9. I'm publishing my book. It's in progress right now.
10. I write poems ;)
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Ok, guys, I have a question for you. I really want to learn how to do this amazing collage that everyone does with a lot of object ;)
Any tutorial? Simple one? Or anything ;)
I count on you ;)
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OK, I've just started with new texture ;) Maybe tonight I will add it ;)
Wish me luck ;)
But now I will go for a walk with my beast xD
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Hi everyone ;) How are you? Do you have holidays? :)
I just wondering with who I can do some designs. Any ideas?
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Och my God! And I don't know what else can I say!
I hope that Damon will be fine and Jenna too. And I hope that they will kill Klaus.
Soon enough.

Did I say that I love Damon? xD Yes, I do.
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Hi there :) I know my english is not very well. So I have a request for all of you. If you have some advice for me - write it. I will be glad for anything that could help me in photomanipulation :)
I've just try to do this and I need advice from someone who do this for a longer time than I ;)

Anyway, how are you? :)
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Ok, so I watched it. And this episode was really tragedy. I like Rose and her death upset me, and I feel sorry for Damon, that everyone he loves abandon him.
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Hi everyone ;)
I've been gone for a while, but I'm back now xD
And I made a melody and video film with R.Patzz ;)

Maybe you will like it :…

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Another day, another night, another everything.
I'm glad to know, that some of the young people have hobby's, talent andy something else.
I' m glad that I can be a part of it. I can watch your art, comment. It's pretty awesome that interne united people from the whole world.

I would like to thank all of you - for your job, your work, your talent. For everything.
You all are amazing!
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Hi everyone! I'm new here, so it will take time till I figured everything out. But I have hope and everything will be all right.
Maybe you will like my work, maybe not, but all comments will be great.

PS Please, forgive me my english, but I still learn this language ;)