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cornealedemaTREES CS brush set

leafless trees...12 trees in the set. enjoy.

Photoshop CS
© 2004 - 2022 cornealedemaSTOCK
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The link doesn't work :(
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Hi, I used your brushes here. Thanks!

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Good work. Thanks!
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File Not Found :(
file not found :(
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file not found.
i got the same problem as Teilanus
when i click on the download button it said File not found
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Have a mirror? I'd really like to use these brushes.
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Well.. brushes looks pretty, but I get a "File not found" error. :(
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yes,it's true!give me error too:(
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Ola sir ! I am just starting to play with brushes...I never have
until Do you know where I can find similar brushes
that are compatable with version 7 =)
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i would go to google and type in photoshop brushes...there is a actual brush search engine somewhere out there...i haven't been to it in a long time but I would imaging that it will be one of the first items listed.
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I have a really stupid question... since this isnt a zip file, it downloads into my temporary internet files.. but I cant find it, and even if I did I'm not sure how to upload it into my brushes. How do I go about doing so?
Appreciate if you can help... wonderful brushes btw :D
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instead of saving it to it's default folder, save it to My Documents or something. after download, open photoshop go to your brushes menu and select load brushes....find the brushes you just downloaded. the end. :)
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awesome--these are gonna help me make some cool backgrounds--thank you!
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