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I'll be at Jafax Anime Convention (at Grand Valley - in West Michigan) tomorrow and Sunday at their Artist Alley selling books, prints, cards and of course taking commissions! If you're there stop by, say hi and take a look!

Corinne :)
Now on Tumblr too!
I'm going through my prints before spring and summer shows and wanted to let you know that I'll be selling prints online as well! Some of the prints on sale are:

Sleepy Hollow: 11X17 (in my gallery)

Wild Red in the Night: 11x17 (in my gallery)

Star Wars-Freeze Frame: 11x17 (same)

Alice in Wonderland: 11x17 (same)

Glowing Mermaid: 8.5X11 (same)

And many more! Of course if you see a favorite in my gallery that you would like as a print just request it! I'll be making more prints soon and it will be on its way.

All my prints are done on cardstock. 11X17 are $10 and 8.5X11 are $5. There is a $6.00 shipping and handling charge (for U.S rates- international would be more) and of course if you want more than one print, I can just put two prints in the same tube to save you some money. All payments will be done through paypal.

Have a great year! -Corinne :)
NEW BOOK! For 2012 my children's book, Imaginary Sea 1,2,3! is complete! This is a project I was working on in 2011 and is a children's number book with wierd creatures, silly rhymes and seek-and-find challenges!The illustrations are in (my favorite) watercolor and pen. I submitted pieces throughout 2011 so if you want to see more take a look at my gallery.

Imaginary Sea 1,2,3! is available for purchase through my website so if your interested check it out!

Best wishes for a New Year! -Corinne
A few years back I was introduced to Avatar by my mother (yes my mother), nephew and niece who were becoming big fans. At first I was skeptical with the "what is this" and "we'll see if its any good" comments......but a few weeks later I was the one saying "SHHH, Avatar is on!" I'm skeptical about the movie that just came out but who knows, maybe just like the cartoon I will be delightfully suprised :)

My next few entries on Deviant will be of Avatar, for those of you who enjoy the series, I hope you enjoy these too!