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Zenu Queen, AD 1000, Colombia

By coricancha
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A Zenú (Sinú) queen from the warm flood plains of the Colombian Caribbean. She is wearing earrings, done in the technique of false filigree. The forehead ornament and the pectoral are made of tumbaga, a gold-silver-copper alloy, and of emeralds. Typical of the Zenú style are staff tops in the form of humans, animals and supernatural beings like the one which adorns her staff.  Societies of farmers and goldsmiths constructed an extraordinary network of hydraulic drainage canals, which enabled them to control the floods and make use of extensive areas for dwelling, fishing and crop growing. The reconstruction is based on female figures depicted with cloaks and painted or decorated bodies, and on gold ornaments. 

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bloodyash24Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, those earrings. Wouldn't look out of place in the modern day. Very stately expression too. I see some sternness.
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MariaJoseCreationsStudent General Artist
I love your attention to detail, it looks great
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coricanchaProfessional General Artist
Thank you for your kind comment.
SHE likes your comment, too! 
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Fabulous. I love how you transform artifacts, bringing them from their static form to life.
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coricanchaProfessional General Artist
a great comment. This is exactly the aim of the paintings: to show how ancient artifacts were used, by whom, and on which occasions, based on scientific evidence. I really appreciate.  
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Magnificent image, I like the solemn face, dignified and distant as it corresponds to a Queen

Magnifica imagen, me gusta el solemne  rostro, digno y distante como le corresponde a una Reina
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coricanchaProfessional General Artist
Thank you so much for this great comment. It comes from an expert and I more than appreciate it. 
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Marvelous picture:D (Big Grin) ! I love your historical drawings of the ancient American civilizations and specially whose of the Andine cultures my favourites;) (Wink) .

In fact do you have plans to make draws of the Chimú, the Ecutorian cultures or the Wari empire?
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coricanchaProfessional General Artist

Indeed, Chimu and Wari material culture is spectacular. There is abundance of archaeological evidence on both cultures which eases a reconstruction. But right now my focus is on the Isthmo-Colombian Area, so a drawing of a pre-Columbian Ecuadorian might be more likely. But: Postponed is not abandoned. 

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