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The Sleepover
" * Knock Knock Knock * Yo Josie, its me Charlotte "
Charlotte said as she knocked on the door of the apartment.
" ar...are sure its Char..Char..Charlotte "
The stuttering and nervous voice asked.
" What do you mean is it Charlotte?, of course its me Josie.
Charlotte told the nervous voice.
" I ne...need some sort of pr..proof "
The nervous voice told Charlotte.
" Fine you want proof, here's proof "
Charlotte started to take a deep breath in and then said.
Charlotte yelled at the door so damn loud that every person on that apartment floor started to open there doors and look.
" OK ok its you, just don..don't yell "
The nervous voice finally started to open the door.
* Lock, Twist, Turn, Unlock, Twist and so on and so on.
" Oh my gawd Josie open da damn door "
Charlotte said getting angry and pissed.
And finally after all the locks were unlocked the door opened.
" Hi Ch..Ch..Charlotte "
" Hey Josie "
:iconcorgilover4783:Corgilover4783 1 0
The frieand zone
It was a beautiful October evening in New Port City, the wind was a cold crisp, children were playing in the parks and everything was truly cal.....
* Bang Bang *. “ NAW YA DON’T, YA BASTURD “
well.....almost everything was calm ;)
“ Oh ya I do you cheater “
Max Said to Charlotte as he started to button mass the PS4 controller.
“ Naw ya don’t, plus how am I the cheater here “
Charlotte said playfully as she started to use the Combo attack for Wonder Women on Max’s Green Laintern.
“ HOW! “
Max exclaimed as he was surprised by her response.
“ You put your breast on my controller so I couldn’t see what buttons I was pressing “
Max finally said after a long period of surprise.
“ I don’t know what your talking about XD “
Charlotte said with a smirk and a little blush on her face.
“ mmhhmm, you totally have no idea “
Max joked. But before he could focus back on the game, Charlott
:iconcorgilover4783:Corgilover4783 1 0
The Gift
" Oh no no no no "
The extremely busty golden retrever said as she nocked over opened bottles of hair sray and shampoo off her bathroom sink.
" Not again "
She sighed as she began to lean over and clean up her mess.
After 10 minutes of cleaning and picking up the mess she just made, this busty golden retrever finally finished.
" Finally im done. Huh that is the last time i leave my stuff out in the open "
The golden retrever said to herself as she rembered all the other times this happened. This golden retrevers name was Charlotte, and not busty golden retrever so lets just call her Charlotte instead, ya?
But as Charlotte was thinking of ever time she nocked something over, caused be her bust, she smelled something disgusting and gross. But she just didn't know were it was comming from.
* sniff, sniff  * " OH MY GAWD IS THAT ME "
Charlotte yelled as she smelled the most disgusting and foul stench ever....Then realized thst this " DISGUSTING " smell, was her.
" EWWW, *huff* well im
:iconcorgilover4783:Corgilover4783 0 0
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Ya Boi Isaac
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Caught my eye was just about everything you post but mostly I saw the commission you got from satsumalord and I was very interested in the back story you gave the picture because I’m more of a writer then an artist so I went to you page to see if you had anymore story’s on the whole Stacy and Ed relationship, it was just really interesting to me also because I’m gonna try to get a commission from him with my personal and one of my favorite characters of his on a date, well that’s what caught my eye and sorry for the long paragraph I over explain things a lot 😂
edwinflores428 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017
ah it's no worries, I like the detail. And besides it's probably going to be a one time thing with Stacy as much as i would like it to be. I am curious how SatsumaLord is going to take Stacy's story 
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Ahhh to bad I was really curious on how those two would become in a much bigger relationship and the storys you right along with them are very detailed you’ve help me make the story’s I’m coming up with much more detailed, and I’m not the sure how he’ll take it but I bet he will like the detail you put in them 😉
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