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I know theres lots of these nom noms around, but they ish so cool i wanted to make one XD

You may remember thish hungreh little chap from :thumb150547638: and :thumb150095430:

hes just nom nom nommin on some ladeh =D

i hope you like it! and hopefully i did the nom nom nommers some justice ^///^

Sorry guys I don't really make emotes for the time being! Anybody asking if they can use it my answer is OFCOURSE! :D
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This emote is so cute! The purple emotes expression of wtf? is just so cute! But there is just like..... 2 itsy bitsey things i have to complain about.
1:The chewing. The chewing kinda looks like 2 frames. Maybe you could make it 3 frames in between the chewing.

The shading is great though, i really enjoy your shading style! Its so cute! The purple emote makes me giggle!

The facial expression of the blue emote is just so cute! the eyes like that are just amazing!

So, keep up the good work, and keep the tips i said in mind!
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Looks like it really tickles!
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may i use it plz :love:
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its cool, nice work.
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imma use this ok?
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It is soooooo cute!!
HOw do i use it?
WAITT may i please use it, if so, how?
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where do you wish to use it? ^_^
ofcourse you can use it lol
i dont think it can be used on DA, but you can use it on msn :)
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Oh ok I thought I might have been able to use it on dA. Nevermind.
Awesome emote though :D
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I don't usually look at the emote stuff, but this caught me eye, very funny. Hopefully she's enjoying the sweet sweet cannibalism.
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loool thankie! :D
id hope so too D: lol
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