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Swat Kats 08 15

Tried to do a semi epic Swat Kats fan art and this is what happened. Swat Kats are TREMBLAY BROS STUDIOS
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Unfortunately this show never got around to our area.  It was on a channel that was just out of reach for a few years!
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I remember the "Swat Kats", so glad I found this!
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Swat Kars definitely left an impression on me. Keeping an eye out for that new Swat Kats Revolution thing.
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It is very epic, great details on everyone!!
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Oh, awesome!  Takes me right back to my days watching this show over and over.  
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Those were some of the better days.
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Shared at Jake and Chances Garage on Facebook…
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That's cool! Thanks!
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Totally loving this!  Great work as always. ^_^
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great work amazing  
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Recently started rewatching this show and man do I love it. Awesome work by the way, this piece is kick ass!
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Season 2 remains among my favorite all time animation. Thanks!
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Thanks! Theres a couple of lighting effects I'd like to tweak, or maybe eliminate period, but other than that, I'm satisified.
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I love this show!
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It was pretty effin' great!
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