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Radical Squadron: Swat Kats

Did up this Swat Kats pic for Swat Kats week at :iconskratchjams: Swat Kats created by Christian and Yvon Tremblay and produced by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Program Services. In this picture we have the heros Razor, T-Bone, Callie Briggs. [link] The Swat Kats jet, the Turbokat. [link] And one of their main villians, Dark Kat. [link]
Swat Kats might just be my favorite cartoon. It's right up there. Kind of like the Bucky O'Hare picture I drew not long ago, I'm reminded of how much an influence it was on me. I said I'd be doing some Swat Kats COLOR ME lines a couple months ago, so I'll be putting up the lines for this picture in a couple of days. This will not be the last time I draw the Swat Kats. Maybe next time, I'll come up with something more dynamic. COLOR ME LINES can be found here Pics of other properties from my youth.
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I'm still ticked that we didn't get a background on Dark Kat in the cartoon. Viper's was pretty much self explanatory; he didn't need his own backstory-focused episode.

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great job radical
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Sweet pic! I used to LOVE that show! <3
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O_O... the Turbocat is such a bad ass fighter though that is because I have a love for the Legendary Grumman F-14 Tomcat(ANYTIME BABY!) So to me the Turbocat could of been the Grumman XF-14T Turbocat.
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Please help support the Swat Kats in their time of need!!!!
Mega Kat City needs YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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Haha, yeah! I've already been spreading the word and will do some kind of promotional art in the near future.
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Amazing job! Could I request the red lynx from swat kats?
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That sounds like a fun character to draw. Sometime in the next couple weeks I'll take a crack at him.
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Cool! I'd like to see him
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Feline or not Any man would be Dang Lucky to be with Callie
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BWAHAHA... this is true.
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"SWAT Kats" was a really cool cartoon.
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Especially season 2. The designs, the action, the music and voice acting just melted together so wonderfully.
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i forgot about this show. it was so awesome!
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Still one of my favorites after all these years. :)
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Thanks! When somebody asks you to draw the Swat Kats, you gotta put an effort into, ya know?
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i had this idea for another city in the world of swat kats called dogopolis a city of anthropomorphic dogs and wolves called Kanines. it's inhabbitents don't get along with kats.
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