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Radical Squadron: Swat Kats



Did up this Swat Kats pic for Swat Kats week at :iconskratchjams: Swat Kats created by Christian and Yvon Tremblay and produced by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Program Services. In this picture we have the heros Razor, T-Bone, Callie Briggs. [link] The Swat Kats jet, the Turbokat. [link] And one of their main villians, Dark Kat. [link]
Swat Kats might just be my favorite cartoon. It's right up there. Kind of like the Bucky O'Hare picture I drew not long ago, I'm reminded of how much an influence it was on me. I said I'd be doing some Swat Kats COLOR ME lines a couple months ago, so I'll be putting up the lines for this picture in a couple of days. This will not be the last time I draw the Swat Kats. Maybe next time, I'll come up with something more dynamic. COLOR ME LINES can be found here Pics of other properties from my youth.
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