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Tumblr account: Corey-45
Skype account: Abcormal
Steam account: coreyamurray

My birthday is on August 11

If anyone with a Skype account wants to chat with me, keep in mind that I won't use it very often, but I will welcome any invitations to talk on there.

Remember, if you haven't gone to dAhub yet and donated and/or earned some points, now's a good time to start!

Current dA Point Balance: 10…

I'm a long-time member of this community, and if there's one thing I know, it's that dA Points do matter--at least to those that live in lower-income levels.

I get around 600-700 dollars a year, and while that may sound like a lot, I know that I can't afford to waste any money on things that aren't rents, electricity bills, food, etc. I can only afford to get myself a present every once in a while. (The truth is, I can't be trusted with my own money, so I have someone else who's good at money look over my finances for me [and I have to go through them every time I want something], but that's neither here nor there.)

And besides, it's hard for someone like me, with only a high school diploma, to get a job in this economy, and that fact that I have autism doesn't help either. So I can't exactly afford to pay for commissions with real money, or even to buy points with money.

So what I'm asking you to do is give me all the points you can afford to spare.

If you don't decide to do it, that's all right, I won't force you, but it would be greatly appreciated.

So, please give points to a needy deviant.


Llamas for Points:

1 = llama
3-5 = llama + watch + 5 faves
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"P-permission to speak, Sire?"

"Granted. Now what's this about, Kamek?"

"Well, er, Sire, about those axes you installed in the eight castles..."

"Ah, yes. Reminders of the might of the Koopa Empire. Don't you agree, Kamek?"

"Well, yes, Sire, but er, there seems to be a small problem with where they're placed."

"Ah, you mean the bridges? Well, that's just part of my cunning plan!"

"Your... plan, Sire?"

"Yes, Kamek, my plan! When those two meddling plumbers get to one of the bridges, they'll see a minion disguised as me, right?"

"Well, yes, they shall."

"And they'll also see the axe at the end, right?"

"Er, yes. I still don't follow you, though."

"Well, they'll be so distracted with trying to get the axe at the end that my minion will be free to smite them where they stand! Brilliant, eh?"

"Er, yes, Sire, but what if they should reach the axe and use it to fell the bridge?"

"I've thought of that, too. My minions will move Peach to the next castle, where another minion will be guarding her."

"And if that doesn't work?"

"Then we'll take her to the next castle, then the castle after that, and so on."

"And if the plumbers should reach your castle, Sire?"

"Then I'll be waiting for them personally, in front of the last bridge. You see, they'll have been lured into a false sense of security by their prior victories, so it'll be a simple matter to destroy them while they're distracted by the axe! Am I a genius, or what?"

"Er, well..."

"Out with it, Kamek!"

"Y-yes, Sire, you are the greatest genius in history!"

"I know, Kamek, I know."

"Well, I'll be leaving you so that I can arrange the marriage."

"You're excused, Kamek. Soon, Peach will be mine, and the Mushroom Kingdom along with her! Not even a couple of pesky plumbers can stop me! Ha-ha-ha!"


"Kamek, why don't you tell me putting an axe at the end of a bridge was a bad idea?!"

"Frankly, Sire, you didn't ask to be told."

"Don't get smart with me, Kamek! It's a good thing I can survive molten lava, or I would have been toast--figuratively and literally!"

"Quite so, Sire. Shall I cancel the wedding arrangements now that the Princess has been rescued?"

"No, no. Let's bide our time. We'll lure the Mushroom Kingdom into a false sense of security, and when they least expect it - bam! We'll kidnap Peach again, and this time, nothing will keep me from being her husband?"

"And if the plumbers should try to stop you?"

"Well, I've got a new trick up my sleeve, see? I'll meet them in a room with a breakable floor, and when they least expect it - bam! I'll crush them into pulp!"

"Yes, but Sire, I think you'd be quite likely to fall through a breakable floor."

"Oh, please, like I'd be stupid enough to do that!"

"With all due respect, Sire, don't say I didn't warn you..."


"Well, Sire, I hate to say, 'I told you so', but -"

"Shut up, Kamek. Just shut up."
Bowser's Cunning Plan
Did you ever notice how Bowser's boss fights in SMB1 and SMB3 end with him falling into something?

Well, I've come up with a little story that explores what Bowser was thinking when he designed those boss arenas.

This is a dialogue-only fic because I still have to work on things like actions and descriptions. As always, critique is welcomed.

The Mario franchise and all its characters belong to Nintendo.
Burgerpants Quits His Job
One night, Burgerpants was listening to the million-gold lottery on the radio. As they announced the winning numbers, Burgerpants realized that he had the winning tickets. He called to claim his ticket, and the next day, Burgerpants went to Mettaton and said, "Guess what, Mettaton? I won the million-gold lottery! You know what that means, don't you? I don't have to work here any more!" He then pulled down his pants and tauntingly wiggled his rear end at a confused Mettaton.


So, yeah, it's a funny story I came up with in which Burgerpants gets his comeuppance on Mettaton.

If you look closely at the fallen pants, you can even see the tail-hole. EDIT 3/12/19: Decided to get rid of the tail-holes entirely, because of something Burgerpants said:

"And every time we try to change something for the better, he [Mettaton] vetoes it and says, "that's not how they do it on the surface!"

</span>So, my headcanon is that this applies to fashion as well. Hey, if human clothes don't have tail-holes...

As always, any critique will be most appreciated.

Burgerpants belongs to Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale.

Text generated by…
Carl and Dave Shaking Their Booties
A revised version of a pic I did a while back starring :iconchazzydoody:'s characters, Carl Bradfield (the dark-haired one) and Dave Heiman (the blond one), dancing in their y-fronts/briefs/tighty-whities/whatever-you-want-to-call-them.

I like these characters a lot, and I just wanted to draw them dancing like no one was watching!

Oh, and in case you're confused, "pants" are what underpants are called in the UK.

Characters belong to Charlie Halson (:iconchazzydoody:).
Simple colored commission: 10 points
Sonic the Hedgehog by CoreyAMurray Miles 'Tails' Prower by CoreyAMurray
Simple colored commission w/background: 20 points
Dipper and Mabel in Underwater Peril (Revised) by CoreyAMurray
That's it for now :)


CoreyAMurray's Profile Picture
Corey Murray
United States
Nothing much say, except I'm autistic and a real history buff.


Colored Point Commissions
These should serve as examples of my (admittedly limited) skill. You can request whatever you want, although I might submit the finished piece only to my depending on how objectionable it is, and I might even reject some based on subject matter.
Commission with Background
Adds a simple background to the image.


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