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Supes 2015

By Corey-Smith
Redrawing more of my old posts. Just a great way to practice painting without worrying about design etc. I really wanted to try push the 'im holding in a fart in a crowded restaurant' expression that Henry Cavill has in Man of Steel. haha.
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You've nailed his face features and expression :)
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Looks very good.
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Like how it looks like Henry Cavill.
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kryptonian farts are no laughing matter.  :c  much  devastation.
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Definite improvement here! The expression has more character as well. I like the idea of painting over something old to cut out the design process. Gotta try that at some point.
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thanks man. yeh its pretty good for portfolio work
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This is so great, do you do any speedpaints?
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I like your exercise ,because it seems very difficult to improve your designs , especially I like your body buildings , and you still manage to improve !
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Thanks man. Life is all about improving and ive kinda neglected my art work for way too long
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I'm really diggin this pic
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Looks awesome!!
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Haha awesome! 
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Barman is better >~>
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I know a few bartenders who would agree with you.
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Lol.batman i mean
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Awesome art style, man!
his chin dimple a little bit off :D , I love the skin tone.
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