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Krombopulos Michael

By Corey-Smith
I friggin love this show. Full of so many insane characters. Like this guy.
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I'm an assassin. I'm very discreet, I have no code of ethics. I will kill anyone anywhere. Children, animals, old people, doesn't matter. I just love killing
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Hahaha it's cute. It doesn't have an eyes, mouth, or nose, but somehow it's cute.
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hahah thanks. I guess hes cute for a cold blooded murderer haha
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you have arrived at 'krombopulos michael'
CaptainFalconMega's avatar
Looks like a Smash Bros. poster for him
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Its the froggy g
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Cool character.
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There I go Killin again
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Yeah, Rick And Morty is awesome.
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Hi Morty! I'm KromBopulas Michael, I buy guns from your grandpa
The-Duck-Dealer's avatar
Heheh i loved that line
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Wubba lubba dub dub!
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He just loves killing XD
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At least he was honest about killing
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This guy needed more screen time :(
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AT0MICD00MSDAY's avatar
Yeah I know, but they could have at least given him a back story or
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