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To live in the past
To live in the past
Is what will make me a stump
Rooted forever
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 0 0
Incoming Birthday
Incoming birthday
I have no clue what to get
Just how old am I ?
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 0 0
From the gentle breeze
From the gentle breeze
A few lonely clouds fly past
Rhythmed to your hair
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 0 0
In the Dark of Night
In the dark of night
Cold and usually scary
I can see your smile
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 1 4
Boredom in class
Boredom in class
I start writing haikus
The system is wrong
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 1 0
The power of a smile
I absolutely despise public transport
Especially when leaving University
As we are way too many
And to go to the exit, a weird maze you have to sort
Headphones broken, hearing untempered, not what I chose
My mind is filled with so much background noise
I can't silence them for I always search for threats
And suddenly my unconscious expectations are met
To see without being seen
As such of my peripheral vision I'm quite keen
And what is there surprises me
For all I see is a girl my age discreetly staring at me
A mental switch is pushed, checks are done
I tense and wonder the actual threat or what may be wrong
I can't figure it out, turn my head, she looks away and starts a game of Pong
I take a peek at her, return to normal, she's looking at me... All the noise is gone
I can detect lies with quite an accuracy from simple motions
Yet I can't confirm what would be as simple as attraction
The tram arrived, here's her stop, our eyes meet again
For the final time, she smiles, and thus peace
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 2 4
The helo's landing
The blades still spinning
The commandos are running
The stretcher's finally moving
As the medic's defib is charging
Fire's incoming
The .50's answering
While the commandos are covering
Keeping the enemy from approaching
The tourniquet to stop the blood flow is struggling
Men are screaming
CPR is the combat nurse performing
Men are now crying
For a soldier is dying.
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 0 0
Somewhere, sometime,
On this wicked world that is ours
Rightly or not tears are falling
Remembering what we tried to forget and ultimately are failing
Of course most won't lead to a zero hour
When it leads to someone's end of the single point of failure we hear the chime.
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 1 0
Timeless Air
The sun finally is at an acceptable height
As is the temperature
Is spring timidly showing its might
Or is it simply in a long cold an exceptional aperture ?
The calm and refreshing wind silently gushes
As everyone else rushes
All but the couples... and I
Wishing to slow down time we appreciate the untimely
Yet I still wish you were there
For of all people you'd appreciate the ethereal air
And we could have shared and stared in the sun at last
But I must remain a hopeless romantic at last
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 2 0
Again ?
Ah, that good old pain
That feeling of fiery veins
A sharp and blunt opening
At first violent, now so subtle I don't feel a thing
Actually just a tingling
Not what you'd imagine from your life leaving
My extremities are getting numb
As to former memories I succumb
Fortunately on the floor there is no stain
Even if the crimson proof of the lively
Is flowing out so abundantly
And yet, I'm better than ever, I'm actually pretty sane
"It will be over soon,
How do you feel ?
-I'm fine, it isn't a harpoon"
If she knew how familiar I was with this whole ordeal.
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 2 2
I cannot feel my fingers
In the surprisingly cold winter
She is having to wipe fog off her her glasses
And she does so in some cute poses,
Although my whole body is screaming in pain
Demanding me to leave, in vain
And our breath's vapor
Shows that we are getting colder
Together we stay
For our hearts seems synced together
And keep us warmer
Than our bodies try to say
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 0 0
Stopping Rain
Rain, rain washes everything
Even my scarred sickened being
The human world is finally going a bit slower
As everyone started running to shelter
Everyone but me, still waking outside
Every single drop of rain on my skin
Makes me feel alive, and there is nothing akin
Just for a short time, nothing to abide
The streets are empty at last
Except for the few cars' headlights
And the few like me temporarily outcast
Not subject to the fear of nature's might
It finally ends raining
The most adventurous dare to step out
While the less courageous put an arm out
As it finally stops, again is the world spinning
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 0 0
I Love You
The only time
I got to say
These three words
Was when I was
Forced to leave her.
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 3 6
Violent Silence
Such a violent silence
Such an unnerving suspense
A soon as I read it
I was astonished
At the date of submission I immediately looked
I did not want to believe it
Submitted 4 hours ago
I start to panic
Everything around me sinks faster than the Titanic
Please tell me you didn't go...
Of the lack of response I don't care
For someone like you's so rare
And even if you don't trust you
I won't give up on you
Through the deadliest void
I'll find a way and offer you a hand
The violence that may surround you I'd withstand
As I can't stand seeing you destroyed
Finally a comment submerged
The danger was overcomed
Pushed behind a thin emotional hatch
I'll once again go back to my watch
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 6 4
Physics Experiments Notebook Introduction
We hereby enter the world of physics
Filled with arithmetics
Numbers and constants beyond counting
That keeps our world running
Science of the moving and non-moving
We shall learn it by doing
May these experiments
Help fulfill our human mind's torment
That is the search for knowledge
And the basis of college.
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 4 2
The unspoken Illness
Here we are, at the temple of knowledge
That is college
And while we all appear fine and well
Some may live a transparent hell
I have been through it
I know people who are still fighting it
It is the Damocles sword
That could easily cut our fragile lifeline cord
And yet it is not quite known
Although of it, several are gone
This unspoken illness
A taboo because of its lack of hideousness ?
And yet the biggest killer of students it is
Our mind's and will necrosis
That is depression
Whether it be because of family tensions
Past traumatic experiences
Or having never been given a chance
Though we may not see it
The inner sadness and sense of emptiness
That goes against our society's ideal that is our wellness
we should not hide it
For we cannot heal what hasn't been diagnosed
And we cannot stop the struggle against what we caused
If it to remain unspoken...
:iconcorentin196:Corentin196 2 1


sunday morning girl
I'd rather be the girl
waking you up
with coffee
on a Sunday morning,
than keeping you up
with vodka
on a Saturday night
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 90 40
:sniper: by Ser1x :sniper: :iconser1x:Ser1x 4,590 619
your smile
the sky has grown 
the moon is out of sight
the stars are tucked
in the cosmos' blanket-
enigmas of
the night
and as I roam
through the universe,
I seek safety forevermore  
a crinkle-eyed smile
pierces the darkness-
I'm so glad that it's yours.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 136 41
first kiss
I will be
the rolling waves,
and you can be
the sandy shore
I'll kiss with salty lips,
and then keep
coming back for more
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 143 63
To people that are poetry
Thanks for being
the poetry
I didn’t have to write
thanks for signing,
in beautiful ink,
on pages
that were
once white.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 159 40
I'd say
you remind me
of a flower
but to do so
would be an injustice
when I pick flowers,
they die-
you've only shown me how to live.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 143 61
Aldnoah Zero  by WhiteShiro1996 Aldnoah Zero :iconwhiteshiro1996:WhiteShiro1996 18 0 Aldnoah Zero Ending by Closz Aldnoah Zero Ending :iconclosz:Closz 207 37 The Crew!! by Zouinaricia The Crew!! :iconzouinaricia:Zouinaricia 1 5
Right at the edge
I was standing right at the edge
Of a cliff. The wind was blowing,
And it would've pushed me if I'd let it.
I looked over the edge.
"This will end all the suffering
It will all go away
Then bliss will begin," I thought.
A mere step was all it took
For you to come running over
Grabbing me to safety,
Holding me by the shoulders,
And looking me in the eyes, and
With tears in yours.
"Please, don't," you said.
"I need you," you said.
"But I just can't go on," I said.
And then you just pulled me closer,
"I'll protect you," you said.
I was laid on your chest
And you stroked my head
And you called me down
And you made me tear up
And you made me remember
What I actually think.
I'm not leaving here.
Not yet.
Not without you.
You held me for so long.
Perhaps if I was going,
You were too.
And as I laid there,
I could feel your heartbeat.
I didn't want it to stop
Because then mine would, too.
:iconcremep0ps:cremep0ps 3 1
Weyland yutani s shuttle Benoit Godde Concept Art by Benoit-Godde Weyland yutani s shuttle Benoit Godde Concept Art :iconbenoit-godde:Benoit-Godde 1,190 40 18 by yondus 18 :iconyondus:yondus 4,814 474
happiness despite tragedy
You clipped your wings that gripped the heavens and the stars that are now far.
And now you're here, to wait to be saved, from a self created predicament.
You enslaved yourself with probabilities of self hate which replicate; becoming real.
And when disaster strikes, you grab a rope? No, you restore yourself.
Lucid dream and fly. Make your own wings and fly away.
To a place with everlasting dreams, where it's always feasible to succeed.
Mind over matter, the notion of happiness despite tragedy.
Success over failure. Trying over quitting.
:iconlovemyscars:lovemyscars 19 6
Rain by OmeN2501 Rain :iconomen2501:OmeN2501 32,297 2,839
You said you'd burn bridges for me
I broke my bones
into sticks
and stones-
let them
pile for
a fire
in the end
as I burned,
the only answer
I yearned:
was it you
who lit
the match?
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 187 44
Meet Me In The Stars
April 2nd, 7:21 a.m.
"Today's going to be different,"
She believed
She had studied the material
Gone over the quizzes
And the teacher called her lazy
For arriving late again
April 7th, 12:06 p.m.
"Today's going to be different,"
She told herself
'It gets better'
Won't sound like empty words today
She hid her scars well
April 8th, 11:45 a.m.
"Today's going to be different,"
She droned
White static hissed across her thoughts
She had failed her math test
April 9th, 8:54 a.m.
"Today's going to be different,"
That's laughable
She does not reach out
With anything other than eye-contact
Isolation rots her soul
April 12th, 2:37 p.m.
"Tonight's going to be different,"
And it was
April 12th, 7:03 p.m.
Her mother's shaking hands
Hold a piece of stained paper
That reads,
          "Meet me in the stars"
:iconukebug:UkeBug 5 0



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Hey everyone ! I know it has been one hell of a long time since anything happened here so I made this journal for the eventual few that might want to know why.

I think I may be having a relapse of some sort. Depression is something that doesn't seem to ever leave, at least not me. Maybe it's linked to the coming of my birthday, or the fact I can't practice one of my hobbies, or my lack of relationship... Whatever the reason may be it came back surprisingly (or not) fast. At least I still have moment of happiness which is something that was long gone and that I got back only a year ago. It's just that it doesn't balance the sadness anymore.
Then you may think about this particular place, DeviantART. My place to "Survive through art" as I called it is hardly filled for I no longer have time to put on poetry. My second year of University and the violence of my relapse took their tolls on my ability to form a somewhat acceptable poem.

However I'll try to force myself, I will find time to write, I have to. And I'll stay right here, I will keep on going, for Life, however hard it may get, must one way or another be worth it.
“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” 
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Corentin196's Profile Picture
Corentin C.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a French young male that went through depression and is still recovering from it.

I turned a bit of my suffering into creativity. I discovered that I could write apparently good poetry, especially in English. Don't ask me why in English and not in French I don't know either:D. It also turned me into a romantic (in both the current and literary ways) which can probably be seen in my writings.

I do scribble a bit too but I'm bad at it, therefore if isn't submitted here (or anywhere else than my bin for that matter). Otherwise I'm a reservist in the French Air Force and a student pilot.
Finally sometimes I write philosophy and essays.

If you are interested in Geopolitics I'm using my "webcam module" on dA to put a threat assessment I do given the OSINT I gather, this assessment counts mostly for France and Western Europe.
Proud to be French by Wearwolfaa
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StoryTeller1215 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for faving Sun and Rain :) 
Really, what did you think about it? I feel like I could've put more into the story but what do you think? Any critiques? I would love to hear them!
Corentin196 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I had to read if again to answer and I'm delighted having done that.

This story, while quite simple, really grabbed me and put me in that world with the character, and since I had those moments too where you are flooded with sadness it hit right at home.

However I really did like it because it keeps a really optimistic tone especially the ending which pretty much summarizes the story in a short and beautiful way.

Finally I faved it not only because it is worth it but also because that's the kind of relationship I'd love to have and that I could easily be that guy who remains oblivious to the sadness and pain his partner seems to go through at times. Thus I also favorited it as a reminder, "you have been there, remember how good it felt when someone noticed and offered you a hand".
StoryTeller1215 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much for your input! 
I try very hard to paint a picture with my stories since 1) I can't really draw and 2) because I find that if I word it a certain way, people will be able to understand it and possibly feel what the characters are. 

And don't worry, girls can be just as oblivious as guys are. We are all humans. But it does make me wonder about writing from a man's point of view...

Feel free to look at my other writings and critique them in any way, good or bad. I'm always looking for feedback. 

Thank you again!
Corentin196 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome, will do :)
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Happy Birthday !
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Thanks bud :)
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Happy (slightly belated-sorry!) birthday! :party:
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Thank you ! Huggle! 
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