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Splatter Brushes

Guess what, everyone? These brushes are now available for free once again. I am happy to report that I am now earning a stable, sustainable level of income from my art, and that means I am able to bring them back for free. I love my DA people, this is the first place I ever published my work on the internet and now it's my job. In many ways, without Deviantart, the incredible community here, and the many things I have learned while here, I would never be here. So thank you all! 


Enjoy, everybody! If you want more brushes, you can also find them on my website.


I made these brushes when I was 14, in 2007. Since then, all together, my brushes have been downloaded 346 thousand times. That's incredible and I love you guys for it. It's been such a great experience to watch you guys make this work your own.

However, now that i'm in college, I have rent to worry about, and I need all of your help. I need to start selling my brushes.

This is my Etsy shop:…
Don't be put off by the prices, I've got a deal for all you wonderful deviantart peeps. Use the coupon code MYDEARFRIENDS to get a set for 75 cents. That's with free license to use them commercially. I wish I could make them cheaper, but because I lose 20 cents with each sale, I really can't.

Or you could just download them with points, here on DA!

The news isn't all bad though! I'm going to start making brushes again, and if they make enough money, I'll put the free ones back up on Deviantart again. I would really love to do that. I think it's atrocious that we live in a society that values money over art. I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.


Well, guys, this is it. My first photoshop brush set. *gulps, looks out at audience who are looking incredulous* And, it consists of eleven true brushes, and, of course, my signature brush. For these, I dont ask anything of you to use them, except: Enjoy them. Maybe in the future I'll ask for a comment, but for now, just have fun experimenting with them!

And, a warning: These brushes are HUUUGGGEE!!! I like them that way, because I do things big. :)

Holy crap. Look at all the favorites.
I have more brushes.... and since you guys probably typed in splatter brushes and looked at the most popular ones, I'm going to link to some of my less popular stuff.

for people with versions of ps older than CS2 who want to use these:…
for people with a need for some rough textures for dirt, backgrounds, whatever:…
for people who need something just plain old random and unique:…
for people who just want more splatters:…

I may make more, and I'm sorry if I dont respond to some of your comments. I get a lot of them.
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Thank you so much!

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Hi, I used your stock here ~  Fairy Godmother by MarcoHerrera  ~ Thank you!
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the link to the 'free' ones don't work?
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So like... this is about 3 years late for a response, BUT here you go:

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Thanks for sharing these awesome brushes! :)
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Thank you for the brushes. 
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"I think it's atrocious that we live in a society that values money over art. I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem."

Dont get me wrong. I think its fine that your selling your brushes. I just find this comment a inverted. Almost a little hypocritical . Its ok to make money from your art. Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and countless others made money from thier art.
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Oh, don't worry. I wasn't saying that it's wrong to make money off your art at all. Hell no. lol. It's more a critique of a culture where artists are subject to a double (triple?) standard. 

You're a working artist, you make a ton of art that people like, and you make money off of it? You're a sell out and the art world treats you like one- a REAL artist should make art that is not commercially viable. Your work is treated like kitsch or trash because it's easily accessible. 


You're working hard, but make no money. You're just making art because you like to make it. It may or may not be something that people enjoy, but you do it because you care about the work above all else. Society treats you like a drain on resources, and you work a day job- this is the stereotype of the "starving artist." 


You're making intense art about high concepts. Top galleries represent you. Your work is hot and you're in numerous art publications. You make money, a TON of it in big bursts when the galleries sell your work. This is the highest goal of many fine artists. Ironically, you must be a "starving artist" before you can be a "gallery artist" or become hot immediately out of art school.

There's a grudge against working artists in the fine art community. The idea is that a real artist just makes work for the joy of it, or to express something very personal. That money should be inconsequential and if an artist is thinking at all about money while they create, they're not a serious artist or they're a sell out. Maybe that would be true if we lived in a utopia where no one had to worry about how to feed themselves or make rent. So, there's this choice we must face: Do we choose to starve or do we choose to work? No one knows if their work is suddenly going to become hot in the fine art world. In all likelihood, it won't. 

I'm saying that rather than choose to be a starving artist, I am choosing to be a working artist. The art world treats that decision with an enormous amount of distain. I don't feel bad for choosing to sell my work at all, but many, MANY people hate the idea. I get the occasional bit of hate mail for it here on DA actually. 

The very nature of money suggests that you must contribute to society in some way. I think artists DO contribute to society by making art, even if other people don't understand that art or want it hanging in their house. The "starving artist" shouldn't exist, because art has inherent value. They're getting robbed. My decision to sell this art has more to do with my physically needing to eat than my feelings about whether or not art should be free. Every person, from the poorest to the richest, should have access to art... but we live in a capitalist system. My ideals come second to my survival. I HATE that. 
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i agree with this
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Very deep stuff, I agree with you
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greatMaking faces  brushes thank you
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Used your brushes here:…

Thank you again so much!!
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Just got it - thanks so much! :-D These are awesome!
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75c huh? Inflation is a serious business...
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this has been my favorite splatter brush set for years. when i had a computer crash this month, i was afraid i'd never find these brushes again, i wasn't even 100% sure where i'd found them in the first place, it'd been so long; so i just started searching for splatter brushes and was so excited to find them again. i was happy to use my points to purchase this pack again, thanks for making it and for keeping it active on here. cheers and best wishes!
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I shall buy this very soon :) It is usable for macs too, right? I don't have Photoshop CS6 on my computer, I only have it on my school mac, so yeah ^^''
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How do I download this?
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