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Rough Textures Brushes

I made these brushes when I was 14, in 2007. Since then, all together, my brushes have been downloaded 346 thousand times. That's incredible and I love you guys for it. It's been such a great experience to watch you guys make this work your own.

However, now that i'm in college, I have rent to worry about, and I need all of your help. I need to start selling my brushes.

This is my Etsy shop:
Don't be put off by the prices, I've got a deal for all you wonderful deviantart peeps. Use the coupon code MYDEARFRIENDS to get a set for 75 cents. That's with free license to use them commercially. I wish I could make them cheaper, but because I lose 20 cents with each sale, I really can't.

The news isn't all bad though! I'm going to start making brushes again, and if they make enough money, I'll put the free ones back up on Deviantart again. I would really love to do that. I think it's atrocious that we live in a society that values money over art. I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.


OK, WOW. I never expected there to be such a response to my Splatters Brushes! Thousands of downloads!!!! You guys are AWESOME!!! Thankies from moi!
Once Again, Humongeous brushes, only now, they are textured! This set is bigger than the last: More than 14 brushes now. I cant remember exactly how many, (do i have short term memory loss???) lol! Let me tell you, they were sooo hard to scan, for reasons of which you will know if you leave me a Note asking me how I made them. (this is because i am already going on a rant here, and dont want to ramble MORE about things some wouldnt even care about.
And, once again, I REQUIRE NOTHING in return. The very fact that anyone would use them is a huge deal to me! (Favs and comments are nice, though not necessary) Thankies for Looking!!!
EDIT: I changed the preview, because i noticed the previous one didn't do it justice.
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epic same as the others :D
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Thanks, looks great :D :D
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hey I'm using these for images in a game. You WILL receive credit in the games credits. If you don't want them to be used for making the game images just let me know. Otherwise THANKS!
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thank you very much for this nice brushes! :hug:
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Fantastic brushes :) <3
Hey, I know this isnt really your problem but I downloaded these and it came up with "could not load the brushes because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered" what am i doing wrong and how do you fix it?? sorry for asking on here! but i really want to try these!!

sarah :)
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Sorry, I have no idea. Try googling it?
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Thanks so much! It helps me to learn photoshop :D
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Nooooooooo, why don't I have photoshop!? DX
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Used on my character ref! thanks so much :la:
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Seriously, massive "thank you" for allowing people to use these willy-nilly. I'm always worrying I'll forget to credit people, or I see some great brushes that just aren't free for commercial use. These are an awesome set of brushes, so I'm really grateful to you =]
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so u like it rough huh? :iconsexyfaceplz: ..... xD
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lol. umm, i guess so?
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great stuff! thanks
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you're welcome!
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You make such great brushes man! I love them all, thanks a lot! :hug:
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your brushes are beautiful. gigantic thanks!!!!
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You're welcome!
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i used them here [link]
thankyooooou ^^
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