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The modern stoneage family

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I happened to be browsing... Okay, well Dan was browsing the internet and he came across the line art. There was just something about it though. I had to color it. The line art was done by an artist named Ale Garza. His online sketchbook is at [link] so if you wanna check him out go for it... in fact please do, he's very talented. This particular lineart was taken from the I Love Cartoons website at [link]

I know the background is kinda messy. I tried my hand at painting a cartoonish background, but it kinda sucks.
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His style simply shows that women is more evolved than men - even in the stoneage ;P
(Please don't be offended all of you)

Nice colouring and the background is not that bad :D
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Wow, thank you very much!
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you're welcome anytime
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Pebbles's tooth is not really reconizible, making her gums look like they're her rotting teeth.
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If you do a fullview it's visible. It's a pretty high res pic. In just the preview though, yeah, I'd agree.
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I Thought you drew you guys for a second, great colors.
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Oh wow... you've refreshed my love for those old cartoons. And I think the background is lurvely. ^_^
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Yay for jenny. I like it better in color.... Hehehe
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nice coloring! the background looks mighty fine to me
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hehe i like it :P
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