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Right from the procurement, quality check, packaging, dispatching, transportation to the delivery of goods and services — the supply chain process of a company is involved in performing many such tasks. And therefore, complexity in the process is quite obvious.

With the pace, the competition is growing, traditional approaches to supply chain management are not appropriate anymore. Reasons can be many — such as cost overrun, inability to integrate, lack of efficiency in managing the data in large volumes and so on.

Technologies are evolving at a breakneck speed and so do the small and large businesses.  Disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligent (AI), cloud-computing, Software-as-a-Service, and Automation are changing the course-of-action for businesses around the world.

The automation of supply chain management can help businesses in shaping the future of businesses. According to a news report published at, the demand for cloud-based SCM software is expected to grow among small and medium businesses during 2017 to 2023.

With the growing e-Commerce industry and the increased adoption by small & medium businesses, the SCM automation software is much in demand all over the world. Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one such world’s leading cloud-based SCM software, which is helping companies in establishing a smooth supply chain workflow.
Cloud-Based SCM Automation Software Helping Busine by cordisus123
Let’s see — Why the demand for cloud-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) software is increasing with the growing small and medium business organizations.  

Cloud-Based SCM Automation Software Helping Businesses in Complete Transformation

A cloud-based SCM software is not just introducing changes, but it is helping companies in a complete transformation. Combining the human intelligence with advanced technological models, an SCM automation software, VCA for instance, is designed to make the supply chain process fast, accurate and efficient.

      Integrates Entire Supply Chain Process & Gives Better Control

One of the main factors that are leading to a continuous increase in the demand for the cloud-based supply chain management automation software is the ability to integrate the entire process at one platform. For instance, SCM automation software such as VCA is designed with a visual dashboard, which can be accessed through desktops as well as various electronic devices such as mobile phone and tablets, from anywhere and at any time.

    -    Directors and Managers can check details for every single business transaction in the real-time.

    -    Having entire data and information integrated into one place, an SCM automation software boosts the decision-making ability of Directors and Managers.

    -    Integration of the supply chain process results in an enhanced visibility and hence it becomes easy to control the entire operation.

    -    With better visibility, Directors and Managers can instantly identify and eliminate tasks that add no value to the business.

    -    An integrated business platform gives better flexibility to perform diverse operations, anytime and anywhere.

With the integration of the entire process, the cycle time is reduced significantly. This helps in increasing productivity & profitability by a great margin. And, also, in delivering value and complete satisfaction to customers.

      Entire Data is Saved in the Cloud
cloud-based Supply Chain Management automation sof by cordisus123
The best thing about a cloud-based Supply Chain Management automation software is that it keeps entire business data saved in the cloud, amidst multiple security layers.

    -    Entire data can be accessed, managed and customized on demand anytime and anywhere.

    -    Helps in successful elimination of performance bottlenecks with data and reports ready at any given point.

    -    Keeping the entire business data saved in the cloud, an advanced SCM automation software adds to the flexibility, agility, and reliability to perform diverse supply chain functions.

Smartphones, social media websites and of course, the Internet has made customers tech-savvy. A large number of customers remain available online at diverse media platforms and that’s why, even businesses need to ensure 24 x 7 availability, across platforms. And, a cloud-based SCM software makes business apt for the same.

      Even Small Businesses Can Gain Benefits of Technological Solutions

The traditional Supply Chain Management software largely remain limited to be implemented by Large Enterprises. Due to a huge investment required to set up the infrastructure, small and medium businesses found technological solutions to be costly.

But incorporating advanced technologies such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), an advanced supply chain process automation software, VCA for instance, allows even small and medium businesses in implementing process automation software without leading to cost overruns.

    -    With SaaS-based SCM automation software, companies do not have to sign any long-term contract. Payments are to be done on a pay-per-use basis. Users can be added and removed as per the requirement.

  -  Advanced SCM software allows small businesses in performing diverse supply chain functions without much capital requirements. In other words, no investment is required in hardware, software, servers, license fees and other such things such as training of employees, software applications update & upgrade and so on. All such costs are borne by the SCM automation software vendor.
Demand for Cloud-based SCM Software Continue to Su by cordisus123

  -  Based on the SaaS delivery model, SCM automation software, for instance - VCA, continuously evolves with evolving technologies. The software application is updated and upgraded at regular intervals. This enables entire supply chain team members to work with an up-to-date version of the software application. 

The advanced SCM automation also helps in the identification of resources lying idle and in directing such resources towards achieving organizational goals. Businesses can remain assured that diverse supply chain tasks get completed within given time and budget.

      Tracking Shipment & Delivery Becomes Uncomplicated with Geo-Tagging

Advanced technologies such as Geo-Tagging is used to ensure timely delivery of goods and services to customers. Along with the address, customers geographic location along with the map is tagged, which help in the efficient delivery of products and services ordered.

    -    Prevents delivery boys from getting lost in an unknown area.

    -    Managers can better track the movement of his team members in the field.

    -    Helps businesses in knowing about areas generating more businesses.

With technologies such as Geo-Tagging, an advanced cloud-based SCM automation management software deploys a robust approach to enhance the efficiency of the process. It helps the supply chain team to perform tasks with utmost confidence and also play a key role in building a strong credibility among customers. 

Be it SMBs or Large Enterprises, companies have gradually started to adopt advanced process automation software, which can make the supply chain process robust and effective. Amidst continuously growing competition, volatile market condition and uncertain mood of customers, it is an advanced SCM automation software such as VCA, which can help companies in gaining competitive advantages. 

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