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The Gentlest, Strongest Soul


Beautiful Background (Print for Lit) designed by resurge . . . [link]

beautiful art background is...

Released under our Terms of Use as always, but the Producer of this package grants you permission to use these templates with your writing in DA prints. So you don't need to ask for a permit on your Lit Prints, you got it! [Other commercial use besides DA Prints is not pre-approved however, so you are going to have to follow procedure and ask to get permits for such usage.]

By the way, detailed feedback from writers on these designs would be very helpful in making future templates better, thanks! "
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Your wonderful literary work has been chosen to be featured by DLD (Daily Literature Deviations) in a news article here: [link] .

Be sure to check out the other artists featured and show your support by :+fav:ing the News Article.

Keep writing and keep creating.
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Thank you for notifying us of your stock-usage :hug:

However, as explained in our Terms of Use and F.A.Q., you may not sell images containing Resurgere resources unless you have prior permission to do so from the Producer(s) of the resources you've used in your images.

If you don't have permission Disable the print until you get permission, or remove our resources from it, asap. If you have permission you should state that in the Artist's Comments to make it clear....

Please reply to us asap with a clarification, thank you.

Public Relations Officer
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As, I stated in my first reply. . . I honestly thought print permission was not needed. I'm pasting a copy of the reference I received from prints for lit. . .

"Literature Prints offers templates and template packages free for download to be used by writers as a background to their written arts. The templates are created by talented designers around deviantART. The templates are free to use for the purpose of prints and permission is not needed from the designers. You may download the templates, arrange your text/poems/written arts, upload, and submit to deviantART Prints, its that simple. This is the perfect opportunity for the Literature Community to sell their work, the perfect opportunity to make available purchasable prints, the possibilities are endless. Think of it as stock for the Literature Community!"

Again, thanks for sharing your work; I've never really had any intentions of selling my poetry, but if I do in the future, I will expressly ask for permission.
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My mistake. I normally automatically publish my poems and art for print, as I usually get them from the prints for lit, who expressly allows print without permission. I do appologise. Print has been disabled. Thank you, as always, for sharing your beautiful image backgrounds.
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Thank you very much for the prompt response, and for complying :hug:

We look forward to seeing more works from you!

Public Relations Officer
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beautiful poem, it has alot of meaning.
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Thanks, SS, I'm delighted you like it!
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