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Peace Reflects Peace

Peace . . .

We wave peace signs high in the air;

picking and choosing crosses to bear

pointing fingers at his hatred or her sin

when will we find peace within?

We hold them and those responsible…

for the world’s dire state of trouble

We spend so much energy on grandeur peace

that peace within has somehow ceased!

Is there peace in arguing ageless points

on wars, religion, do’s and don’ts…?

certainly there’s not peace in the heart of a man

who fights for peace with such disdain . . .

We fight for peace across the sea,

but can’t find peace inside the me!

So righteous we are; so patriotic;

yet our own homes; a mess. . . chaotic…

We’re arguing, fighting for human rights

causing ourselves and others peaceless, sleepless nights . . .

Let’s for one moment call a truce

Let’s say for once fluck what others do

Let us find our peace inside ourselves…

not diminish inner peace on someone else

Perhaps if all did this more often,

anxiety would lessen; all hearts would soften

It’s time to take a moment’s will..

sit back, relax, exhale and chill…

~By Cordie B. — Peace Out!

Photoshop Peace brush courtesy of [link]

Thanks sooo much for creating these . . . they are a blessing!
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Brilliant! I needed to read this today too. Thank you !
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You are so welcome. I'm glad it worked for you today!

Blessings as always. . .
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