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Mission Vao (Kotor)

Excited to finally post this!! I've been working on it off and on for like two years. Originally painted 9K px tall. It's all pure 2D painting except the guns, which I modeled in Sketchup and painted over. The signs have some grunge textures on them. Everything else is from scratch.

Here is more Star Wars stuff:

Moco - SWtOR commission by Elucidator Lord Revan by Elucidator Juhani (kotor) by Elucidator Bastila Shan (kotor) by Elucidator Canderous Ordo by Elucidator
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This is a great take on the character, very nice.

The level of detail in the background really astounds me. I could easily see these signs being in any underworld city. I especially love the credit symbol on the shot-through window. But what really stood out to me is the usage of Aurekbesh for the lettering! I would really like to know what they say, even it's something mundane as "Dash's Blaster Shop" lol. Also, I'm curious what inspired the design for the critters.

And of course, the entire work is absolutely amazing, is incredibly well-made, and the gold standard for Star Wars art in my opinion, just like all your other pieces. But that goes without saying ;)

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WOW. :D I can absolutely see the Han Solo cockiness here. :D
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Hey, thanks for your comments on this and my other KotOR work! I appreciate the enthusiasm! I used Han Solo as the "brash rogue" base for Mission and tried to work out a fresh but familiar spin for her.
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Fantastic art :la:
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Awesome work! :)
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Top-notch as always!  :D (Big Grin)   If there's ever a new KoTOR game, I can't think of anyone better suited to create the official cover/character art. 
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Thanks! Bioware's head office is actually in my city, so it's always been a big dream of mine to do an illustration for them.
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Honestly dude, you should send them some "just something to hang on your wall" prints.  It's basically a resume; what's the worst that could happen? ;)
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its worth the hours of work this looks incredible dude !!!!!
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Thanks, I appreciate it!
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That is really sweet work!
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the level of detail is amazing. excellent job!

(also, for what ever reason, i tend to like artworks of this race. in my opinion, not enough of this kind of bad ass is around :)
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I love Twi'leks!
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Mission Vao is the original is just 15 and goes around Scum and Bandits with her Wookiee....
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This and your Revan picture are probably my favorite fan-art pictures of star wars ever :) Glad you were able to finish this awesome pic
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Thanks, glad to hear it!
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Amazing! :dummy: Can't wait for more (even if it should take a year)!
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She looks cute!
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