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Lord Revan

This is not my companion to Bastila. Actually it was a rejected commission sketch that I wanted to finish. You'll be seeing more KotOR character down the road, including more Revan paintings.

Prints available here:…

And if you like this, check out my other Star Wars character paintings:
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bearchipsandships123's avatar Everyone help share this and hopefully we can make this the canon

This is amazing. I'd love to recreate this in cosplay

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This art eclaims Revan's glory and power.
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Very impressive KOTOR set of art.  
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CorbinHunter, you're my God! Awesome! There are not so many good arts with Revan, is it worth waiting for more work with him or other KotOR characters?

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I know this painting is from a few years ago now, but I stumbled across your gallery today and I must say, I adore this image! The symmetry and the purple and red reflected in the armour make it so nice to look at! :WOW: Wow! 
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We traded awesome stuff like this, for the bullshit that diesney (not a typo) has been pumping out.
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Wonderfully amazing, and I can see the different sides of him. :D
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beautiful and badass! nicely done! :) :)
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If you would be so as to find me a 1920 x 1080p version of this to use as a wallpaper I would be very appreciative, I'm willing to pay cnd $20 for this.
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Appreciate it very much but I'm not willing to distribute higher resolutions than I already have, though the original is 7K tall. At the link below you can find a 1429x2000 image you can crop to your liking if you want. Some fuzzy dark blue / black on each side would widen it out easily. Good luck :)
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Thank you, also noticed my typo lol
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This is one of my favourite pictures. Ever.
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Great composition and the color and glowing from the swords make it really stand out.
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Love the weathering and detail on the mask and cloak. (I also like the fact that he's holding a purple-bladed saber, since that's usually the color I use when I play KOTOR.)
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The one who truly started the Rule of Two.
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