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Canderous Ordo

Canderous from KotOR! His stories about the Mandalorian Wars were always so cool, I had to paint him in the middle of a skirmish.

Used some stock photos for the flames, but the rest is painted from scratch!

Here is more Star Wars stuff:

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One of the best characters in the SW universe in my opinion. 
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Bioware's best boy
multificionado's avatar
Cool. :D Quite a Josh Brolin look to him. :D
colin6969's avatar
A great piece of work ! :)
WillieManga's avatar
That is a big fucking gun. You wanna know how to make a super soldier more badass? Give him the Precise Shot feat so that he can kill Jedi.
THEMG4LIFE's avatar
AWESOME!! So badass! I love canderous :)
avenger09's avatar
Noticed the Implants in his neck, nice reference to him relying on cybernetic aid in his advancing years. 

One of my favourite lines from him was from this interaction with Carth.…
I also love the great analysis of him by SF Debris in part 9 of his KOTOR Review.…
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Love this comment -- thanks for looking so closely! you're the first person to point them out. I was primarily looking to imply battle-stims with those dermal lines. I like the idea that woven into his armour are stim IVs to keep him revved up through battle. Implants are a great interpretation, too!
avenger09's avatar
Ah I see. Like a type of built in defibrillator, like in Crysis.
thetechromancer's avatar
Wow...that is one enormous gun.  Nice work!
LoginTrap's avatar
I liked that guy cause among all other clowns in that game he was the only one who was resembling real fighter and never cried me a river. Also he was white male.
DarkEchani's avatar
Absolutely stunning. So much more depth and dimension than the game provided. I love it!
CorbinHunter's avatar
Thanks! Exactly what I'm looking to create with these pieces --dimension, life, and a bigger world than the game was able to present at the time.
DarkEchani's avatar
You nailed it!
daritha42's avatar
Amazing details. I wonder who will be next.
DarthJacen's avatar
How fucking badass. Another great pleasure to see more KOTOR work from you.
CorbinHunter's avatar
Slow but steady, haha. Thanks.
Canderou's avatar
That is awesome! Very great detail on his armor.
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Your welcome.
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